House in a Church

Literally… the house is inside the church.  This old 1930’s church in Rotterdam was so big (3000 sq meters), that the family of 4 that transformed it into a home actually built their house inside the church — the three story home doesn’t touch the roof or walls of the original building.  And Holy shit… this thing is dope. 

Thank God It’s Dopeness

Here’s to a weekend filled with chicks who waited until the last minute to find a costume so they just show as much skin as possible without showing nipple or vuh-j-j… throw on a pair of glasses without lenses… and call themselves sexy librarians or school girls.  God bless America. 

Bright Woods Seating Collection

What do LED lights and wood have in common? Absolutely nothing. But when you combine the two you get one of the dopest collections of stools and coffee tables you’ve ever seen. The Bright Woods collection was created by Italian designer Giancarlo Zemo’s and is perfect for your office space, bachelor pad, or night club. The attention grabbing collection comes in a mix of 120 stools and 60 coffee tables made from wood and resin with integrated LED lights that glow in pink, orange, blue, purple and white. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Incase iPhone 4 Ping Pong Cover

Incase’s latest addition to their collection of iPhone covers is the Ping-Pong cover. The new cover was inspired by by ping pong paddles and offers enhanced grip as well as a unique look. Get yours at the Incase store now. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Thursday Dopeness (40 pics)

Ya’ll ready know what it is… 


Slow-Mo Booty Spank

Finally someone puts these high-speed camera things to some good use. 

X-Ray Art by Hugh Turvey (24 photos)

Dude.  Sick. 


Imaginary Foundation – New Releases

A brand that certainly bangs to the beat of a different bongo, Imaginary Foundation, has recently released 11 new t-shirts, and 5 new posters.  Shirts are $30, prints are $75. 

New Nixon Watches

Nixon’s most recent release of timepieces includes their first pocket-watch, dubbed the “High Ball,” as well as my personal favorite: the new Magnacon SS.  Big ballin will set you back $750, but others are more affordable. 

Hump Day Dopeness (41 pics)

Calling all Sneakhypers.  Where the dopeness submissions at?  Send em to: submit [at] sneakhype [dot] com.

LeBron James’ New Nike Commercial

Bron Bron addresses all the haters in his latest Nike commercial. He even takes some shots at MJ and Barkley. Take a look after the jump.


Daft Punk – Derezzed (Music Video)

The newest Tron trailer also serves as a showcase for Daft Punk’s latest single Derezzed, both of which are entirely too dope for their own good. The Tron soundtrack will be released November 22nd, while the motion picture is still set to premiere on December 17th. Take a look at the trailer/music video after the jump.

G.O.O.D. Music Cypher (Download)

Everyone has been pretty impressed by the cypher done at the BET hip hop awards by the G.O.O.D. Music group.  Well now you can download the CD quality version of it for listening pleasure on your iPod, BlackBerry, laptop.  Whatever you prefer.  Enjoy.

Clocks Made From Stuff

From turntables, to bike gears, to keyboards, to computer hard-drives… this small web-store called “Stuff Made From Stuff” has some siiiick clocks for sale.  Most of them cost only about 30 dollars, too.  Would make for some good gifts.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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