BOOM: Rick Ross For Nike

New commercial from Nike featuring Rick Ross. Check it out. Boom.


Nike Sportswear – More Than Style, Samantha Jo Alonso

To me, this is one of the dopest things I’ve came across in recent weeks, maybe even months.  Samantha is co-owner of Fruition LV, an awesome place to grab some of the most classic gear in existence.  We’ve always been a huge fan of Fruition, and suggest you check out their website here.  Another reason I really enjoy this is definitely because one of our good friends, Sean Rose, has a song of his featured in the video.  Both Fruition, and Sean have been holdin’ it down for Vegas, and I’m super glad to see them doin’ things.

Track Of The Week : Greg Enemy – Muggsy Bogues

TOTW brings a nice little treat from our good friend, Greg Enemy. The track is titled after one of my favorite NBA players of all-time, Muggsy Bogues.  It definitely has a nice feel to it.  Be sure to download it after the jump.


Terry Richardson & Kim Kardashian For The London Times

Terry Richardson is a G, and Kim Kardashian is usually pretty gorgeous.  Well, after looking at these two pics, Terry Richardson is still a G, and I don’t find Kim very attractive, at least in these two pics.  Apparently these are for the London Times, I hope there’s more pics to see later on.  I wonder if they made a sex-tape while they were at it, definitely would like to see that.


Strange Arrangements

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what’s going on in this video.  It does have a pretty epic sound score to it, and there’s weird things moving around, what’s not to like?  Be prepared to scratch your head after the jump.

2011 Bentley Continental GT

After having seen 3 Bentleys this weekend during my trip to NYC… I think I’m love.  Though any Bentley will no doubt turn heads, the 2011 Continental GT has to be the cleanest model to date.  Twin turbo.  W12 (that’s like 2 V6’s yo).  0-60 in 4.4 seconds.  567hp.  Oh, and you can cruise at a steady 200 mph.  Get more info at the Bentley microsite.

Custom Wooden MacBook Enclosure

Side note:  When are the new MacBooks droppin?  I want a black aluminum MacBook more than I want Chipotle right now.  Until Apple unveils the dream machine, carry your current laptop in this clean custom case by Rainer Spehl.  A bit pricey at 350, but each is one of a kind. 

The Hundreds 2010 Fall Eyewear – The Phoenix

The Hundreds always brings the heat no matter what product they are releasing and their Eyewear is no different. The Hundreds just released some new colorways of their Phoenix sunglasses. The shades come in 6 new colorways and are available now at all Hundreds locations as well as online. Check out their website here and check out more pictures after the jump.

Jason Alper “Proletarian Drift And The Enfrachisement Of The Burgeoisie” Exhibition

I’m not really sure how I feel about the name but collection is dope regardless. Check out the entire collection after the jump.

Random Dopeness (25 Photos)

These will get you one step closer to your weekend.  Enjoy. 

Random Hot Chicks

Here’s a few pictures of my ex-girlfriends. Enjoy.

Supra Henry

I’m not normally a fan of boots but I love these Supra Henry’s. New to Supra’s collection, the Henry will be available in Brown, Oxblood, Black TUF, and Grey and is set to drop at Factory413 in-store and online Friday September 24th at noon. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Bell & Ross Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection is a nice change from the watches we are used to seeing from Bell & Ross. This watch says, “I’m a man, I’m 40.” It also says, “I got cake cause this watch cost a cool $1,500.” But enough with all the talking. This timepiece is available in two different movements; either the BR 123, or the chronograph BR 126. This watch also  features  an alligator leather band. It also comes in either a black or silver colorway. Check out more pictures after the jump. 


Wood Keyboard Trays for Mac

Give your Apple equipment an earthy and warm feel with this dope black walnut hardwood keyboard tray.  100% certified natural panty-dropper wood.  3 models for 3 different configurations — all available here.  All under 100 bucks.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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