17 Things That Look Like Vaginas… But Aren’t Actually Vaginas

Nothing like a good faux-vaj photo compilation.

Miracle Whip – Jaguar C-X75 (16 pics)

778 horsepower.  205 mph top speed.  1180 ft lb torque.  BUT WAIT… I almost forgot to mention, you plug this thing into your wall and it can go 65 miles with zero emissions.  Whaaaaat? 


Eminem Ft. Lil Wayne – No Love (Official Music Video)

This song is going to be a huge hit. In a few weeks, it’ll be all you hear on the radio. Check out the music video now before you get tired of hearing it.


LeBron James & Dr. Dre For Powerbeats

If you haven’t heard, Beats by Dre just introduced a new line of ear-buds to their collection. The “Powerbeats” are specifically designed to be worn while you work out. To help spread the word Dr.Dre and LeBron teamed up for this new commercial.Check it out after the jump.

16 Biofireplaces That Drop Energy Bills… And Panties

No ash, no odor, no chimney, no installation, no toxic fumes…… no panties. 

Top 30 Best Photos of Katy Perry

What do you think?  Too many posts on hot chicks recently?  I say: not enough.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… KATY PERRY. 

ShotShell – Shotgun Shell Shot Glass

Nothing says, “I’m a man.  I’m 40,” like taking a double shot of Jameson straight to the face out of a stainless steel shotgun shell.  The price of such manliness is a meager $70 (with which I use to wipe my ass).  Buy yours here.  Hoo rah. 


Limited Edition Moet & Chandon Champagne Bottle

It seems that everyone is poppin’ bottles in the club these days, myself included. So the only way to separate yourself from the other “ballers” in the VIP is to take it to the next level and only pop bottles of gold-leaf wrapped Moet Champagne. But you better act quick because there are only 1743 bottles (the year it was founded) of the select Moet & Chandon Golden Jeroboam available and word on the street is Jay-Z and Diddy already pre-ordered a 100 bottles each. By the way each bottle cost $1,050 bucks.

25 Random Hot Chicks Taking Pictures of Themselves With iPhones

Who do I thank for this?  Steve Jobs? 

Hump Day Dopeness (25 Photos)

…To get you through your mid-week woes.

BlackBerry’s Response to the iPad – the PlayBook

This thing actually looks pretty dope… but with an “early 2011″ release set in the US, bet your sweet ass Apple will bury this toy with iPad 2.0 before the marketplace even has a chance to give the BlackBerry PlayBook any consideration.  Also, a little word to the wise guys in the BlackBerry marketing department: don’t use frikkin’ ugly babies in your attempt to allure consumers’ emotional appeals.  Instead, try using cute babies… or just stick with hot chicks.  Der. 

Married To The Mob Launches Mens Line

Married To The Mob, who is known for the womens clothing, just launched a new line for men. This is good news for all the dudes out there who have been stealing their girlfriends shirts. The Debut collection consists of 3 different style in 2 colorways each. Curren$y of the J.E.T.S serves as the face of the new collection. Take a closer look after the jump.

Tuesday’s Random Dopeness (26 Photos)

Daily dose of dopeness on deck. 


Rosie Jones and Sara Jean Underwood In A Cake Fight: Awesome

Who ever came up with the idea for this video is a genius. Take a look after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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