Nixon – The Rubber Re-Run

Nixon just released a new rubber version of the Re-Run watch. The timepiece is available in 5 colors and only costs $90 dollars.  Pretty dope. Get yours here.  More pictures after the jump.

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Deuce Brand Watches Giveaway

We’re at it again with the free dopeness.  This time you could win 1 of 5 Deuce Brand Watches.  If you aren’t up on em, these things are the shit.  Deuce Brand watches are developed by athletes for athletes to mix practicality with urban trend.  I just think they look cool

Circuit Board Art by Gabriel Dishaw

We showed you the “Junk Dunk” a little while back, now we get a look at the entire “Circuit Board” collection by Gabriel Dishaw. Gabriel sculpted these Nikes using bits of  computers, typewriters, and other random metal objects. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

A Head For Fashion by Anna Halldin-Maule

I’m not a huge fan of oil paintings but I think I could get used to these. These beautiful oil on canvas pieces were based on actual photographs that Artist Anna Halldin-Maule took. I wouldn’t mind seeing those either. Take a closer look after the jump.


Kanye West – “Power” Music Video

Kanye West has finally released the long awaited video painting for his latest single ‘Power.’  Yeezy claims that the visual was  inspired by Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel, and depicts “an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess, decadence and corruption.” That’s deep. Check it out after the jump and see what you think.

2 Videos Worth Watching

You should probably watch these videos.  P.S.  Where else are you going to find a video of a caribou surprise-mounting an eskimo lady?  Come on now. 

Guns by Guido Mocafico

Deadly weapons have never looked so beautiful. I probably own at least half of the guns featured in this collection. Take a closer look after the jump.


Coming Soon: The Salvador Dali Museum

Siiiiick.  St. Petersburg, Florida is soon to be home of what is surely going to be one of the most iconic art museums in the world.  The museum (to open 1/1/11 at 11:00am) will house the works of Dali, and is constructed in an attempt to “combine elements of the classical and the fantastical.”  Bla bla bla… just look at the pics. 

Pod à Porter – Neckband for the iPod Shuffle

I own an iPod shuffle… and I gotta say, this 27 dollar accessory would certainly come in handy.  I always clip mine to the bottom of my t-shirt, but I’m a pretty tall dude (some might call me a beast of sorts) so when my iPod is at my waist, the headphones have no slack when they reach all the way up to my ears.  For walks on campus, through the city, or for kickin it at the coffee shop, the Pod à Porter may just be the way to go.  You can buy it here. 

Anarchy Eyewear

Say hello to Anarchy Eyewear.  After putting a few pair of these on my face today, I am now an evangelist Anarchy consumer.  These things are well made — solid frame, stiff hinges, excellent lens quality.  They’re mad clean, and arguably the best part is that most models are around 40 or 50 bucks… which precisely matches my ideal price point.  Cheap sunglasses fuckin blow.  Designer shades are too expensive and gaudy.  Papa Bear’s porridge is too hot.  Mama’s is too damn cold.  But Anarchy Eyewear sunglasses are juuuussst right.  Check out their full line here.



For every $3 bracelet sold, $1 is donated to supporting breast cancer research.  The bracelets are made of silicone.  I frikkin love it.  You can buy them here. 


Awake Your Inner Vandal by ilan Dei

This is a really cool concept. California based designer iLan Dei designed this collection of furniture that features graffiti hidden inside or underneath pieces making the graffiti only visible from certain angles and interactions. Unfortunately i don’t think this collection will ever be for available for purchase but its still worth checking out. Take a closer look after the jump.

Concrete House II by A-cero Architects

Believe it or not, it’s actually rather rare that I literally ejaculate in my office chair when looking at pictures of a residential living space.  However, the Concrete House II by A-cero just did the trick for me.  I tell you this simply so that you can prepare yourself before you check out these 24 pics.  The garage looks like it’s straight from the movie TRON.


Kenny Powers for K-Swiss Tubes

I have never owned a pair of K-Swiss shoes and never planned on it until now. I may have to buy a pair of  “Tubes” just because Kenny Powers told me to. Check out the commercials after the jump.

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