Casa Son Vida

Casa Son Vida is located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain but is easily one of the dopest homes on the planet. This luxurious crib was inspired by a 1960’s Mediterranean villa although the design looks pretty futuristic. Take a closer look at this crib after the jump.


Rich Hil – Cookies & Apple Juice

Rich Hil recently hooked up with the guys over at Illroots to bring a preview of what to expect with their new Illroots2 site coming soon.  Always loved this beat, and Rich does his thing.  Video turned out pretty dope as well.

Vans Vault X Filson – Fall ’10

There has been a ton of Vans announced lately, and this is just one of the many dope collabs.  Honestly, these look good enough to eat.  Supposed to be releasing soon, and I can’t wait, i’ll be coppin’ the bag and the Era’s.

The ARIA Resort & Casino by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

I was in Las Vegas not too long ago and I walked by the Aria a few times. Although I never got a chance to go inside and check it out, it was easily one of the most impressive Casino’s on the strip.  The 3.8-million-square-foot hotel/casino is comprised of two curvilinear towers constructed from shimmering steel and glass which reflect the changing skyline. The ARIA also features 4,000 hotel rooms, 150,000 square feet of gaming, 16 restaurants, 3 pools, and a ballin’ salon and spa.  Take a closer look at the new Hotel after the jump.


Sexiest Woman in the World? …meh

FHM has crowned Marisa Miller (age 31) as the sexiest woman in the world.  Sneakhype says: false.  I’m not sayin she’s not hot, but come on… sexiest woman in the world?  Who is paying who for that title?  Or should I say… who is blowing whom?  Here are 7 reasons why she’s easily not the hottest chick on the planet: Kinda old. Her ass just ain’t doin it for me. She’s frikkin married. Kinda scary lookin face. She’s not a bad bitch. This chick. Shit yeah she looks good in the SI swimsuit issue, but holy photoshop… I feel like I’m looking at a totally different person than her other photos.  Hell, they could airbrush some massive tits on me, raise my jaw line, take off my leg hair, shrink my nose, and give me a wig… and I bet half you dudes would think twice.  Yeah I said it.  Photoshop CS5 is a fucking powerful tool, bra. But that’s just me.  Decide for yourself:

Blu – Big Bang Big Boom

This video is about ten minutes long but its worth watching the whole thing. Check it out after the jump.

Rick Ross Featuring Kanye West – Live Fast, Die Young

Rick Ross is all over the net this week. This new joint he has featuring Kanye goes super hard. This is the summer anthem for sure. Check it out after the jump.

Oakley – Purpo Frogskins

Shaboom.  Freshness on your face.  Purple is the color of royalty, so become a poolside prince with these badass collectors editions.  Available at the Oakley website for $110. 

Paintings by Paul Roberts

WARNING: The following gallery contains photo-realistic paintings… of boobies. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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