DJ Clark Kent’s Top Sneakers Of 2010 (So Far)

Complex has done a number of ‘Top Sneakers’ lists from quite a few different people.  For this one they recruited sneaker head, DJ Clark Kent.  He’s done a list of ‘Top Air Force Ones’.  This list definitely doesn’t dissappoint.

Illustrations By Golpeavisa

Here’s some pretty sick illustrations done by Golpeavisa, a studio in Mexico.  Some of them would make some dope framed prints.  Check out the rest after the jump.


Kid CuDi, Rostam Batmanglij, & Bethany Cosentino – All Summer (Music Video)

Don’t know that I like this song all that much, I love what it’s about though.  I also love the music video, which you can peep after the jump.


What happens when you combine skate and snowboard footage with 8bit video game characters and then take the midi tracks and lay them on top of a beat? This video is what happens and it’s super dope.

Incase iPhone 4 Cases

Incase will be releasing some brand new protective cases for the iPhone 4 at the end of July. The new cases being released include the Slider Case, Snap Case, Protective Cover, and the Perforated Snap Case. All of the models come in a wide variety of colors. The perforated case will be released shortly after the other cases. Take a closer look after your jump.

My Favorite Kind Of American Series – Luis Gispert

There’s something about this poster, I need it hangin’ in my room no doubt.  It’s Double-sided, check the other side after the jump.  Only 50 produced and they’re available now at OHWOW.

KRINK Museum Installment in Brazil

KRINK — crowned the illinest graffiti artist in the world — just added that much more dopeness to his resume by paintin up an entire freaking museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil at ROJO NOVA.  I’m not trying to take anything away from KR, but shoooot… I wish I had that guys job.  F–k.  The dude gets paid out the ass to just paint the top part of shit and let the paint drip down.  I mean… he doesn’t even have to like sketch shit out before he goes after it.  The contractor is like, “So KR, what do you have in mind for this piece?”  … “Well homie, I was thinkin I would just fuckin pour a ton of fuckin paint on the top of this shit, and then it will like drip down and look mad dope.  Sound legit?  Cool.  Check me out.  BLAM.”  ……..MASTERPIECE. 

Track Of The Week : Mikey Rocks – ‘The Sunshine’ & ‘Bahamas’

Bringin’ you a little double dose in the TOTW series today.  Two new tracks from one of The Cool Kids, Mikey Rocks.  Both tracks produced by Produktionix out of Chicago.  I like the sound to both of these, nice summer tracks.  Download/stream after the jump.  Enjoy!

Judo Kick!


Nike Live Strong 2010 Commercial

Nike gets inspirational with their new Live Strong commercial. It makes me want to go outside and play some tennis. Check it out after the jump.

Holy Shit… Mel Gibson Goes Bananas

“I am going to come and burn the fucking house down… but you will blow me first.”  If you haven’t heard, Mel Gibson went ape shit on his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.  You need to check out the audio and this news clip… and some great pics.

CLOUT – “No Love” Crew Neck

This crew neck is part of a small collection by artist Sean Barton, an artist who has worked with some of the most prominent streetwear brands in the biz including: UNDFTD, Stussy, and Supreme.  Now he teams up with graffiti magazine and friend of Sneakhype’s: CLOUT to bring us this clever line of apparel.  All of it is available at this online store. 

Pixel Orca Sculpture

Shamoo here is sitting outside of the Vancouver convention center.  By artist David Coupland. 


The King Has Made His Decision: LeBron Goes To The Miami Heat

LeBron James has finally decided which team he will be playing for next year. After all the hype, speculation, and an ESPN special, LeBron James has announced that he will be joining Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in South Beach. This might not have been a huge surprise for everyone but it is still pretty exciting. We are all lucky to be able to witness these 3 all-stars play together.The Heat are going to be really ridiculously good. They are probably going to when the Championship the next five years straight. I can’t wait till NBA 2K11 comes out. I am going to play as the Heat every time. Oh yeah, not only do they Bosh, Wade, and James, but they also have KU legend Mario Chalmers starting at point guard. With that kind of lineup its Game Over. Kobe and the Lakers may have met their match. I can’t wait for next season. Check out a clip of LeBron making his decision after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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