Family House in Utriai

I think Utriai sounds Lithuanian or something — but it has now become synonymous with “ballin” in my mind.  This whole rectangular-prism-house thing is becoming pretty trendy in residential architecture, but after looking at the interior of this bad baby… they done did this one juuust right. 

Gold Balloon Dog Sculpture

Shit yeah.  By artist Jeff Koons. 

Bikini Babes on SURFBANG

Every Wednesday, puts up bikini babe.  This week’s is a masterpiece.  Be sure to check out the rest of SURFBANG’s site… pretty dope even if you don’t surf because they feature a lot of fly apparel and accessories. 

The Invisible Chair

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently pulled this guerilla marketing stunt at the Manchester airport to advertise the comfort of their new economy class seating.  How did they do it?  Here’s my guess…  I think there is a support structure that runs up his pants and up the back of his shirt in an ergonomic fashion.  I’m lead to believe this because he is clearly not hanging (support would be visible by others, plus he would sway), and because his legs and back are like rock solid the entire time. 

Billionaire Boys Club “MIAWAIIAN” Collection

BBC just released their new Miawaiian collection just in time for summer. The new collection consists of t-shirts, shorts, boardshorts, and bags. Take a closer look after the jump.

Pure Kobe – White Hot

Damnit Kobe.  Why?  You have all the fame and money in the world, yet you still agree to dress up like a Russian babushka widow.  You look fucking ridiculous man.  Do you think you look good?  Are there not enough pictures of you in magazines?  Are you kidding?  If you’re kidding, it’s kind of funny, but you’re not kidding.  You’re a whackjob.  You think LeBron would do something like this?  No… he’d laugh his giant balls off wrapping his face in white linen.  You think MJ would agree to this?  You’re out of your mind man.  There really can be no excuse, because this isn’t the first time you’ve looked like a total ass-clown in a photo shoot.  Check out this shit he did for GQ — in a bubble bath with some inflatable basketballs.  Cute. 

Mug With Temperature Sensor “Battery”

Everyone in your office will ask, “Where the shit did you get that dope mug?”  You will, of course reply, “Sneakhype dot dizzy com.  Your daily dose of dopeness.  Get on my level.”  The nifty battery lets you know when it’s time to tell the intern to freshen your cup.  Available online for a somewhat-steep $28.  If you order now, it could be here in time for Mother’s Day (if yo mama happens to like coffee and gadgetry… solid gift). 

Nooka X Deviant Design Group – Diamond Encrusted Watches

Once you’ve iced out all of your G-Shock’s its time to upgrade to a diamond encrusted Nooka watch.  Nooka just hooked up with luxury jewelry designer Deviant Design Group to create some custom timepieces. The Nooka’s look very classy. The bling is more subtle than that of the pimped out G-Shock’s.  Get more info and check out some more pictures after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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