Stik Figa & D/Will – Whutupwidit

Stik Figa just released a new joint off his upcoming e.p. Alive & Well. D/Will produced the track and Stik Figa killed it. Check it out. Download/Stream after the jump.

Baddest Assest Animal Camouflage

“Are you shitting me right now?”… is the question I asked my computer when I saw the green caterpillar that blended in with its natural environment to the point of nearly shitting me.  Evolution man!  It’s like the future of everything.  I’m getting real deep right now. 

“The Power of Color” by TheCoolHunter

Online magazine we wish we were as cool as, just published an eye-candy-licious article about how the old modern-sleek-black-and-white look is being replaced by vibrant spectra all over the place.  SPLAT!  Reading sucks, so just look at all the pictures from the article.  But if you’re all intellectual and shit, you can read it or whatever you intellect folk do here. 

Vans OTW “Larkin” Collection

Vans is gearing up to release a new collection of shoes this summer. I’m really feeling this new model, it has a more refined look to it. The Larkin’s feature premium materials such as high-end leather and suede. As of right now these shoes comes in 4 colorways, white, tan, black, and purple. The Larkin’s will hit stores all around the world June 1st. Take a closer look after the jump. 

Track Of The Week : Joe Clark – 1901 Freestyle

One of my favorite types of tracks, is a hip-hop artist on a alternative rock instrumental.  My favorite is probably Wiz Khalifa over Empire of the Sun’s Walking on a Dream.  This one is definitely dope as well, as Joe Clark grabs Phoenix’s 1901 track.  Download/stream after the jump.

Incase – Lucky Bag For 15-Inch Macbook Pro

Originally available only through Apple Stores in Japan, the Incase Lucky Bag is now available exclusively on the Incase webstore. Designed specifically for 15-inch Macbook Pro’s, this compact backpack comes in a black colorway with red highlights and has a blue interior. Other features include a reinforced notebook compartment, weather resistant construction, an  iPod pocket with headphone port, and dual exterior zippered compartments. Its well worth the $100 bucks Incase is charging. Take a closer look and get the purchase info after the jump.

Bentley Continental Ultrasports 702

Possibly my favorite lookin’ car of all-time.  Something about the newer Continental model just stands out beautifully, and that’s when it’s stock condition.  This one here was designed by German tuner Wheelsandmore.  Check out more pics of this amazing ride after the jump.

Enormo Solar Waterfall for 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro is hosting the 2016 Olympics, and they’re working on building a freaking massive (105 meters tall) waterfall that is powered by sunlight.  Then the water that falls down will create hydroelectric energy, so they’re hoping this thing provides massive power for the city allowing the Olympic games to leave zero carbon footprint.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but apparently they’re really gonna build this beast.  More info can be found on the architect’s website: RAFAA. 

Growing Jewelry

That’s right, this jewelry actually holds living patches of greenery. You have to water them and everything. These growing rings and necklaces are made in Iceland and designed by Hafsteinn Juiliusson. Check out some more pictures and get the purchase info after the jump.

Rhianna’s Outtakes From Rolling Stone Magazine

Damn, Rhianna is one bad bitch. She’s going to be featured in next month’s issue of Rolling Stone. Take a look at some more outtakes after the jump.


The Ventricle Vessel

I need a vase in my crib and this one right here is dope. It looks like a heart. Check out some more after the  jump.

GoodWood NYC World Cup Medallions

GoodWood NYC is gearing up to release a limited edition set of World Cup medallions. The medallions feature Brazil, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Mexico and the USA in their countries colors. These will be available this Monday, May 10th, at the GoodWood online shop.

Track Of The Week : GQ – I Drink

This week’s track is brought to you by GQ Bugs,  and it’s sure to get your stereo knockin’.  This his lead off single from his EP Cut From A Different Cloth.  Download/stream it after the jump.


Kanye West Gets Animated For The Cleveland Show

Kanye West made an appearance on Sunday’s episode of the The Cleveland Show as his animated alter ego Kenny West. Kenny and Cleveland Brown Jr. battle it out in a rap-off. Check out a clip from the show as well as some behind the scenes footage after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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