9Five Summer ’10 Lookbook

Hot chicks, dope sunglasses. I don’t know about you, but this is possibly one of the best lookbooks I’ve ever seen. All the hotties can be spotted after the jump. The collection is on it’s way to retailers as we speak so be on the lookout.

Wiz Khalifa – Kush & Orange Juice

Looks like Wiz gave everyone what they’ve been waitin’ for this morning.  The highly anticipated mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice, dropped just a bit ago and has the internet goin’ nuts.  Download the tape after the jump, and enjoy!

OBEY – Glow In The Dark

OBEY just dropped their Summer lookbook (which is on point by the way), but as I was perusing the OBEY website, I found some glow in the dark goodies.  Pretty dope.  I would want to go super luminescent and pair this tee with some Evolved Footwear.  You can get the glow in the dark shirts here.  

More Liquid/Sound Photography

Just a couple days after posting the titillatingly dope Color Liquid Sound Photography, Sneakhype reader, Christian Terry informed us that he decided to have a crack at it himself.  Turns out dude is pro… even in his first 4 attempts.  Yo Christian, lemme get a couple of those in hi-res for my desktop background??  Keep the dope ish comin! 

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Snoop Dogg Featuring Kid Cudi – That Tree

Snoop Dogg just dropped a new video for his latest hit single featuring Kid Cudi, That Tree. I like the looks of it, pretty simple but pretty cool. Check it out after the jump.


Sk8mafia X Asa Akira – Limited Edition Skate Deck

Sk8mafia just announced their collaboration with Adult film star Asa Akira. The Deck turned out great and it is already available at your local Sk8mafia retailer. I don’t skate but I am seriously considering copping this board. Asa Akira is probably the baddest Asian bitch in the porn industry; if you are not familiar with her I recommend checking out some of her work. Take a closer look at the deck after the jump.

The Mirror Man

Nope, this is not a statue. This is a real dude covered head- to-toe in hundreds of mirrors. The Mirror Man is street performer that has been gaining popularity in Los Angeles.  Check out some more pictures after the jump.

FREE Planet Earth HD Download on iTunes

To celebrate Earth Day, BBC is letting the world download the first episode of the greatest show ever made until April 26th.  You can get the whole series for 30 bucks, or any individual episode for 3.  Super sick.  Super free.  Super Sneakhype. 

ColorWare For iPad

If your not feeling the aluminum finish on your iPad you can now design your own to fit your personality. ColorWare allows you to easily customize the iPad’s Body, Logo, and Button with a variety of colors and finishes. You can either pay $900 for a new one, or you send your own iPad in and get it pimped out for $400. Check out the ColorWare website here and check out some more pictures after the jump.

Track Of The Week : Nero – Left, Right

Nero is an artist we had featured in our “Top 10 of 2010” article, and is continually grindin’ it out to help make our statements become true.  This most recent track that just dropped has quite a different sound compared to what your used to hearing from him.  Download/stream after the jump.

Video Interview with Pharrell Williams

Now, Pharrell Williams is my dude, but I had to chuckle a little bit when he fed the cameras of French magazine, BLAST, some total BS about his inspiration behind the Tank Chair.  He’s talkin about how he wanted something to physically represent the motivation/thoughts behind a person’s decision to go to war.  Let’s call a fish a fish and a skank a trick, and just call it how it is, eh Pharrell?  Your inspiration behind the Tank Chair was, “Dude… a chair that sat on some gnarly tank tracks would look real dope.”  I’m not saying it’s not a cool chair, or that it’s not a good idea… because it is.  But I am saying this whole schpeal about how it represents the internal psycho-emotional struggle of deciding whether or not to go to war — I’m callin ex-post-facto BULLSHIT. 

Pillow Fighting On Another Level

Well, apparently April 3rd was worldwide pillow fight day, I wish i would’ve known.  I definitely would have done some work on some fools.  This guy Chris Crutchfield captured the event, and did some dope editing, which turned out crazy.

New Rubber Players in at Nixon

Damn I love Nixon watches.  This dark charcoal rubber player with the Tiffany blue 3 hand Japanese Quartz movement… mmm mmm mm.  This is one of 2 new colorways of the Rubber Player that recently dropped at the Nixon online store.  Also, I took a gander at the Magnacon — one of the more expensive pieces ($600) in Nixon’s lineup — it’s looking real good, so I decided to throw a pic of that in with this post too.  That ballistic nylon band that sets off the bold fancy-yet-rugged face is just doin it for me right now. 

Color Liquid Sound Photography

Sound bounces colorful water and paint off of a plane allowing photographers to capture these ridiculously dopetacular spectacles.  The sickest ones are by Linden Gledhill.  His Flickr has something like 1500 images.  Other pics are by A. Connah — check out Flickr to download huge renders of the images to set as your desktop or whatever.  Unfortunately I haven’t found any images of Gledhill’s scaled large enough to make my desktop background, but there are some pretty decent sized ones on Google images. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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