Photography by Denis Darzacq

Whoa dude… frikkin floaters man.  Seems more artistic, too, when the photographer’s name is Darzacq.  Super official artist name.  ADDED BONUS: I included a picture from Darzacq’s archives of a plus-sized nude ebony female frolicking in a suburban prairie.  Check it:

The New 100 Dollar Bill

The US Federal Reserve has designed a new 100 Dollar Bill in an effort to decrease counterfeits. Its about time too, I am getting tired of making it rain in the tittie-club with the old hundreds. The new C-notes feature some full-proof money detection systems such as a blue 3D security ribbon that changes as you move the bill and a bell in an inkwell that changes color from copper to green when tilted.  Sounds pretty difficult to fake to me. I can’t wait to get my hands on some crispy new Benjamin’s. Expect these one hundred dollar bills to start circulating next February. UPDATE: This shiny new Benji is now circulating.

Incase Spring 2010 “Chrome” Sliders

I’m not saying it’s for every day, but certainly you could rotate in one of these babies for a night out or just to add some bling-age to your life.  Available in 7 colorways from Incase. 

Remote Mini Action Camera

A superb device for amateur porn.  Imagine the possibilities.  I guess it would also be good for action sports.  It comes with a device that can be worn as a watch to remotely control the camera.  The camera itself has an LCD screen for playback.  Has SD slot for more memory.  $200 from Drift Innovation. 


Track Of The Week : GangStarr – Skillz

For this week’s track we have a throwback as a tribute to Guru.  1/2 of the hip-hop duo, GangStarr, Guru passed away yesterday.  Truly a hip-hop legend, our prayers are with his family & friends.

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber – “Lezbiebers”

It’s actually rather amazing how much Justin Bieber does indeed look like a mini-lezbo.  And perhaps even more amazing is how many lesbians look like Justin Bieber.  Without further adeu — Lezbiebers… (can you spot the original Beeb from the lezbiebers?)

Wood Shock – Limited Edition 420 Release

You know what my favorite thing about 4/20 is? All of the exclusive gear that gets released.  This Wood Shock might be the best release of the day. This exclusive Wood Shock features a purple face and matching band. It is packaged in glass spice jar perfect for housing your finest herb. Oh yeah, they threw in a grinder too. Pretty sweet. You can purchase this now at the Wood Shock online store.

Like Lunar Elite+ iD

I bet I could hurdle a 9 yr-old kid in these babies.  You’ve gotta love shoes that make you look fast.  Apparently, these are the lightest-weight shoes available on NIKEiD.  You can customize your own for 135.  Kinda steep… but can you really put a price on looking like Usain Bolt? 

Oakley x Shaun White – “Holcom”

Skateboarder/snowboarder/gold-medal-hoarder Shaun White finally got himself some signature shades. Decently dope. I gotta see em on my face before I pull the 120 dollar trigger, but if you want to impulse buy, they’re available at the Oakley online store. Check out all the styles after the jump.

Gucci Classic Chronograph Watch

Pure beauty.  The two best words I can come up with to describe this watch.  Unfortunately, we don’t have hardly any info right now, but you can’t help but drool all over the keyboard when you see this one.


Crooks & Castles AK-47 Bullet Flash Drive

Crooks & Castles just re-released their AK-47 Bullet flash drive. These are probably the dopest flash drives you can get your hands on. They cost $45 dollars before shipping but they are totally worth it. Get yours here.

Hidden Log Cabin

If this thing we’re about 5 times bigger it would be perfect, either way i’m thinkin’ maybe i should grab one for my backyard.  Anyone that’s ever just wanted a place to get away from everything for a hot second, this is definitely for you.  Check out some pics of the cabin in disguise after the jump.

Black Scale X The Supply Circuit – G-Shock 5600

We’ve had many battles of opinions at the Sneakhype offices, as to whether or not G-Shock collabs are cleaner than regular model G-Shock’s. Well, this one puts a tally on the board for the collabs, Black Scale & The Supply Circuit came together for this one. It’s already available, and not too steep at the price of $150. Get it here.


The ILLZ – The Moment You Feel Definite Hope

Not too long ago, I came across an artist by the name of The Illz. I have never been more inspired, or motivated by any music artist ever. Something about this man’s approach on music just grabbed my attention and hasn’t let go since. If you haven’t downloaded his project, The Pursuit LP, please go do so now! It’s free. This is a visual for one of the tracks on there, and it turned out really nice.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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