21 Bug Eye Pics

Bugs are cool.  Oh, and there’s also a picture of 2 common houseflies f*ckin.  Doggy style.  Who’d’ve known? 

Wood Shock Watches

Ever wished your G-Shock was made of wood?….Me too. Well luckily for us there are Wood Shock Watches. The W-Shock watches are G-Shocks with the bezel encased in wood. As of right now they only come in a black and a red colorway. You can get them one at the Wood Shock online store here for 250 bucks.

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iPod Vibrator – OhMiBod

Yes that is a vibrator attached to an iPod, and yes it’s real.  And yes, there really is a great video of a chick pretending to pleasure herself after the next sentence.  And yes, you can actually buy them at the OhMiBod website.  


Advertising by Umeric

Say hello to my new favorite ad agency.  Based out of Sydney, Australia, Umeric is cranking out some ridiculous work.  Watch this video.  Upon doing so, you’ll immediately want to see more… and you can do so here. 


Kid Cudi – Soundtrack To My Life (Video)

Its been so long since I’ve listened to Kid Cudi’s album that i forgot how much I love this song. The video takes us on behind the scenes of Kid Cudi’s recent tour. Check out it out after the jump.

Incase – Topo Flex Snap Case

Incase just came out with a new version of their Topo Snap Case that is much more durable than previous model. The Topo pattern iPhone cases are probably my favorite out of Incases’s line but i wish they would have came out with some more colors for this new case. Take a closer look after the jump.  Available for $35 at the Incase online store.

Nerd Living Essentials

Ever wanted a set of coffee table coasters that look like iPhone app buttons or the Adobe Creative Suite icons?  A company called Meninos has got you covered.  They’ve got a whole line of products geared toward the nerds within us all.  Check out their online store for great gift ideas. 

Project Animation by Reanimatr

This is Dope. Check it out.

Play Cloths Bags – Spring/Summer ’10

One of the best accessories to have besides hats or wristwear is definitely a dope bag of some sort.  Whether you prefer a duffle or backpack, Play Cloths has got you covered.  I love the print and colorways on these bad boys.  More looks after the jump.

Nike SB Dunk – “Skunk” High-Tops

Word on the street is Nike SB will be releasing these limited edition Dunks to commemorate every stoners favorite holiday, 4/20. The “Skunks”, which were inspired by a stash of dank chronic, are constructed from soft, kushy suede and feature several different shades of green complimented by orange stitching and a purple swoosh.  They also have a stash pocket on the inside of the tongue which can always come in handy. Rumor has it that these kicks are actually going to be released on 4/20 but i bet most of us wont get around to picking these up until the weekend. Take a closer look after the jump.

GeekHype – Photoshop CS5 Preview

Holy shit if you have ever used Photoshop or even Microsoft Paint in your entire life, this is going to blow your effin mind.  The future is here my friends.  It’s a 5 minute video that starts out slow, but then, as I said, will blow your damn brains out with about 3 clicks of a mouse. 

The Freshnes – 40% Off Fresh Gear

Our friends over at Freshnes clothing hooked us up with a discount code which we have decided to share with all our loyal viewers. Just go to their online shop, pick out your new gear, and use the code HYPE40 to get 40% off your purchase. 40 percent off anything is a good deal so its worth checking out. Get more info and check out some of their products after the jump.

Discover DJ By Ion Audio

Are you tired of playing DJ Hero? Do you want to be a real DJ? Well lucky for you Ion Audio has got your back with the Discover DJ set. It is a high-tech plug and play turntable that can transform your PC or Mac into a fully functional DJ rig. The Discover DJ features everything you need to loop, cross-fade, and scratch your way to DJ infamy. Plus it only costs 100 bucks. Check out some more pictures and get the purchase info after the jump.

Man Tool – Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

It’s that time of year again when the weather is clearing up, and every man’s inner Bear Grylls wants to come out.  Usually this Springtime urge manifests into a 1 or 2 night camping excursion with the dudes at the lake where you live off beer and whatever you brought to cook on the portable grill.  Now normally, you bring about a quart of lighter fluid and tons of fireworks, and have like 7 lighters being passed around to light cigs, joints, bowls, etc.  But there’s always the standout biggest wannabe-grown-man who brings the Man Tools.  In my group, it’s Willie.  McWillberson changed the whole camping game when he showed up at the lake with a legit machete and a frikkin hatchet a couple years back.  But I am now about to show his weak ass up by rollin to the camp site with this Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit. “The reliable flint wheel ignition easily lights the water-resistant waxed tinder sticks. And with a water-resistant O-ring seal built into the case, the contents stay dry.”  Baller.  20 bucks here.  Great birthday present. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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