New Era Olympic Fitted

I haven’t really been payin’ a whole lot of attention to this year’s winter Olympics, but i hear good things, and i did see when Shaun White brought home the gold, pretty dope stuff.  I must say i am completely diggin’ this fitted hat for the event.  From the looks of the pic it comes in other colorways as well, not sure if over in Vancouver is the only place to grab them though.

Stussy Spring & Summer 2010

Legendary streetwear brand, Stussy, just dropped the lookbook for their upcoming seasons in 2010.  As per usual, they keep it pretty funky, fresh, & original.  Look for this gear to drop in the near future.  More looks after the jump.

World’s Largest Dodgeball Game (1200 people)

Students at the University of Alberta in Canada recently rallied up 1200 stoners and Phys Ed majors to set the unofficial world record for the largest dodgeball game ever.  The video is actually pretty cool as it shows the fast-motion dynamic of the teams — it’s like a school of fish.  It is my contention, though, that a team of my 300 spartan homies woulda rocked any 600 Albertans. 


Chiddy Bang – Tho Opposite Of Adults (Video)

Chiddy Bang just dropped a video for their new song “The Opposite of Adults.” The song is dope and the video is even doper. Check it out after the jump.


LED Coffee Table

This is one of the swankiest coffee table ever made. It will transform any bachelor pad from boring to ballin’ with a flip of a switch (or however you turn it on). Seriously though this thing is legit. It features a 32 inch flat screen TV in it which is protected by a piece of a thick piece of scratch-proof glass.  The table also features  LED Under Glow lighting and it can be connected to any video device or can be used to run slide shows and even used to play games on it. You can purchase one of these for your own home from Customized Designs at a starting price of $1499. Check out a video after the jump.

Patta X Parra X Nike – Air Max 1

Easily the best lookin’ Air Max 1 i’ve ever seen.  Patta always comes correct, Parra always comes correct, so why not collab together with Nike, right?  We haven’t heard any info on release date, but this will be my most anticipated sneaker of ’10 no doubt.

Featured Artist – Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley is the freaking man.  This dude is the real deal.  You gotta check this out:

Nike VIP Showroom In London

Nike gets all the cool shit. A German design firm just hooked them up with a pimped out four story palace reserved for those clients who Nike considers “VIP”. I’m guessing that list includes the likes of LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, SNEAKHYPE, Obama, and Tiger Woods …well maybe not Tiger but you get what I am saying. Take a closer look at the set up after the jump.

“Troy Polamalu” Nike Trainer SC 2010

Troy Polamalu is like the new Tiger Woods.  Sponsors frikkin love this dude.  He’s got that million dollar smile and ethnic flavor.  What’s not to love?  Well Nike’s on his jock as well, puttin out a signature shoe.  Check it:


Graffiti Girls

Just a warning, these pics might be considered a little risque by some.  I’m purely showing off the true beauty of these pics…..  the graffiti, right.  So, anyways, i’m not sure on the point behind this besides gettin’ some good lookin’ girls and drawin’ some sweet graffiti on them.  More pics after the jump.

Mortal Kombat – Bus Bloodbath

This is decently funny.  I find it highly entertaining, solely for the fact of the Mortal Kombat theme, which has to be one of my favorite all time games.  Watch the video after the jump.

Nike Air Griffey Quickstrike Spring 2010

The latest colorway of the Air Griffey’s have been scheduled to drop this Spring as a limited edition Quickstrike release. The light Grey and Aqua colorway is one of the cleanest colorways to drop yet and its a shame they will be harder to come by than the prior Griffey releases. But if you really wanna cop a pair Undefeated will be releasing the kicks on February 20th. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Upper Playground X Quentin Tarantino: The Lost Art Of Inglorious Basterds

Upper Playground and Quentin Tarantino have joined forces to bring us “The Lost Art Of Inglorious Basterds.” The “lost art” collection was created by a group of artists assembled by Tarantino to turn their own interpretations of the Oscar Nominated film into movie posters, and they came up with some pretty bad ass prints. If you’re in LA you should check out the collection this Thursday, February 18th, at The Upper Playground Gallery. All the Prints on will be available for purchase and the proceeds will be donated to The American Red Cross to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. If your not in California you should at least check out some more pictures after the jump.

Donnis Headed To Atlantic

Well if you don’t know by now, we know our shit here at Sneakhype.  If you recently read our ten artists to looks out for in 2010 (part 1) you might remember seeing a man by the name of Donnis on it.  Well he recently signed with Atlantic Records and is gearing up for some exciting stuff.  Be on the lookout and remember to get your dose of Sneakhype everyday to stay up on things.

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