Durex – Type Sex Ads

Durex is not my first choice when it comes to rubbers but their new ads are pretty funny. Check out all of them after the jump.

Classico U-1001 Watch Collection by U-Boat

If you’re anything like me, you’ve busted several fine watches by scuba diving to depths a little over 3000 feet.  100 meters water resistant?  HA!  The U-1001 collection by U-Boat laughs in the face of such child’s play.  Who dives 100 meters?  Whales?  Sharks?  I’m trying to find giant squid or fish with lights on their frikkin heads.  The U-1001 apparently actually allows you to go 10,000 leagues under the sea.  It also certainly allows you to look like a stone-cold badass with one on your wrist.  They are available for purchase online, though, the price is not listed, so my guess is that because they allow you to dive 10 times deeper than a standard diving watch, they probably cost 10 times more than a standard diving watch.  But, for most of our readers, money ain’t nothin… nothin but a G-thing, babay. 


Dutch Newman – Get Retarded Feat. Greg Enemy, Stik Figa, & King Reel (Video)

Sneakhype homie, Dutch Newman, just released his new video for the song Get Retarded.  I must say this turned out quite well, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a dope song as well.  Video done by Adam Johnson & Mitch Jones.  Adam Johnson actually recently joined up with the crew launching a Sneakhype sister-site this past weekend: starurethane.com

Supreme Spring/Summer 2010 Accessories

Supreme will seriously take just about anything and slap their logo on it….even nunchucks. Hit the link to check out the rest of their Spring/Summer accessories.

2010 Winter Olympics In Pictures

These are Amazing. Take a closer look after the jump.


Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami – “Cosmic Blossom” Collection

Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami are getting ready to drop a new collection. The collaborative effort has been labeled the “Cosmic Blossom” collection. I’m not sure who thought of that name but its pretty lame. The new line on the other hand is pretty fly. If i was rich i would outfit my trophy wife in this for sure. This collection will be hitting Louis Vuitton stores in April. Take a look at the new lookbook featuring the collection after the jump.

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The New Balance 365 Project

In 2010, New Balance is releasing a 20 second short film about “the balance” every day for 365 days.  My guess is that, just like Saturday Night Live, the little skits are probably going to start blowing ass after the writers run out of good ideas.  But I checked it out and some of the vids are kinda dope.  Touché New Balance, touché.  But, again, of course the first few are gonna be good.  If video 289 is still keepin my attention, then I’ll give you the props. 

Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Nike Hyperdunks

Five hundred and fifty dollars could cop you a pair of size 7.5 limited edition Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Hyperdunks.  Even though you can’t wear them unless you have the same size feet as my friend Stolle, you could put them on a shelf… OR you could put that 550 toward like a bunch of other cool shit.  Or an iPad.  I done told ya why an iPad is waaaay cooler than some sz 7.5 shiny Hyperdunks.  So you should probably buy that instead.  But if you must have these kickers, you can gettem here. 

Mishka Los Angeles Store Exclusives

Mishka is preparing to open the doors to their second flagship store in LA and have just unveiled some limited edition t-shirts that will be exclusive to the brand new shop. The tees look fresh as usual and will definitely fly off the shelves quick. If you live in LA i recommend hitting up the new shop. Take a look at all the shirts after the jump. 

NIKEiD – Sweet Classic High

For $100, you can now iD Nike’s version of the Chuck Taylor.  I should say: you can now iD Nike’s second version of the Chuck Taylor since Nike owns Converse.  Do it up.


10 Artists To Watch Out For In 2010 – Part 2

I hope everyone enjoyed the first part of this series, and especially hope you enjoyed any of the music you may have listened to or downloaded.  Now it’s time to wrap this up, and give the people what they want…  Part 2.  Once again, no rankings are

Neon Plasteramic Watches by Toy Watch

Pretty sick for a chick.  Nice timepiece for a dimepiece.  Dope watch for a… mmm… crotch?  I got nothin.  $195 at Toy Watch USA.  

Stretch Bongo Headphones by WeSC

Sometimes I wish I was a hippie or a teenager, or better yet, a teenage hippie, so that I could get away with rockin gear like this.  If you fit the description and are in the market, you can pick these phones up here for $84.


Featured Dimepiece – Rosie Jones

Well everyone, I’m officially in love.  I feel like Borat when he set out on a mission to marry Pamela Anderson.  I will stop at nothing, for Rosie Jones, my sweet, is destined to be my trophy wife.  I will spoil her and make her tea; give her foot massages and buy her diamonds.  She will mother my children and my family will love her.  You can follow Rosie on Twitter @RosieJones1990 — yes that 1990 is her birth year… she’s 19.  She’s perfect.

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