Undefeated Spring ’10 Lookbook

Been waiting awhile for a new collection from Undefeated, and here we finally have a lookbook to show what’s comin’ out from them this Spring.  The new collection is supposed to be droppin’ tomorrow at all Undefeated locations.  Can’t wait to scoop some of this gear up for myself.

Marcus Tremonto For Kid Robot

Light Artist Marcus Tremonto recently created some tricked out versions of the MUNNY toy for Kid Robot. Take a closer look after the jump.

Tiger Gets A Taste Of Hatorade – Dropped From Gatorade

Things just keep getting worse for Tiger Woods. Last week he issued a pretty pathetic apology and today the poor guy was officially dropped from Gatorade. Woods has already been dropped from AT&T and his involvement in the Gillette and Tag Heuer ad campaigns has been minimized as well. Luckily for Tiger though Nike and EA Games have stuck by his side (thank you EA, Tiger Woods on Xbox is my shit). I would have to say this is a good call by EA and Nike; it won’t be long before Tiger is back on tour tearing up the competition, winning masters and shit. In the mean time Powerade and All Sport should take advantage of Tigers thirst quenching situation. He has to drink something while he is on the course and its likely that he would sign with one of them just to get back at Gatorade.

Meister Watches – Ambassador AM102SS

So my man PG has been tellin me about how cool gold watches are and how he really wants one.  So naturally, I want to get one before he does just to cramp his style, piss him off, and rip off his originality.  We’ve both got our eyes on this ballin beauty from Meister.  Now, it’s just a matter of who’s going to pull the $400 trigger to buy this thing first.  


Curren$y Feat. Stalley – Address

One of my biggest internet addictions as of lately has definitely been the Creative Control website.  Everything these guys do is amazing, whether it be music videos, quick clips, whatever.  It’s bomb stuff.  This is the music video for Curren$y’s joint Address that features Stalley, and production by Ski Beatz.

iMaxi – The Only iPad Case With Protective Wings

People keep hatin on the iPad.  But I’m still gonna get one, and if you haven’t convinced yourself to do the same, you can take 2 minutes to read this article, and you’ll change your mind.  But, I gotta hand it to these iMaxi people — shit’s pretty funny.  You can actually buy this thing for 40 bucks. 

Jewelry By Cast of Vices

Silver and platinum bugs.  Yezzir.  I would totally rock a roach.  I bet, though, that if I had one of these hangin around my neck… I would on more than one occasion, casually look down and freak the f*ck out for half a second until I remembered that I actually paid 200 dollars to have a big silver creepy crawly on me.  The concept for the whole line of jewelry is pretty dope in that they “cast” various “vices”.  They have cigarettes and prescription pills and bottle caps.  Clever.  Tough to find all of it to buy in one place, but google shopping results return a couple results, and you can also get a couple pieces at the SlamXhype store.


WK Interact For Jordan Brand – Never Sleeps Video

Jordan Brand recently commissioned artist WK Interact to create a new piece for their “Nightmares Never Sleep” campaign. The mural is located in NYC’s Lower East Side and features a larger than life Dwayne Wade. Jordan was nice enough to provide us with a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the gigantic piece which you can check out after the jump. Go ahead, take a look.

Burberry – Digital Rubber Strap Watch ($395)

So let me get this straight.  This watch is made by Burberry?  It’s super duper sick nasty.  And it’s 400 bucks?  And you can buy it online?  Sorry, give me a second, I gotta go order this thing.  … … K. I’m back.  Domestic shipping, this thing should be at my door in 8-10 business days.  And I just got that much cooler.  BOOM BITCH!  That’s what’s up. 

X Collection by Michaël Bihain

I wish my name had a couple dots over it.  That’s like instant baller status.  Check me out: Eric.  Lame.  Check this shit: Erîç.  BOOM BITCH!  But since I don’t actually have that on my birth certificate, I have to instead blog about people who do.  Take for instance: the Belgian Michaël Bihain.  Dude made this whole line of dope interior pieces.  Can you buy them?  Nah, don’t think so.  But can it inspire you?  It already has.  And that’s what we at Sneakhype do.  We serve up your daily dose of inspiration.  We just call it dopeness.  Bigga bigga BOOM BITCH!  Furthermore, doesn’t this collection look like origami?  Shoulda called it the origami X collection. 

Billionaire Boys Club – Sound Of Earth T-Shirt

BBC just came out with this brand new “Sound of Earth” tee featuring a simple gold record graphic which is a reference to the Voyager Golden Record. If you don’t remember the Voyager Golden Record is an actual 12 inch gold record that has recordings of human voices and what not. It was sent into outer space with the hope that some aliens might come across it in about a million years. Its a pretty cool concept for a shirt. This shirt is available now at select BBC retailers. Take a closer look after the flip.

Nike Air Classic BW Textile

I just want to rub this shoe all over my face and neck.  I would probably resist such an urge and simply put them on my feet, but this colorway seems to just capture the essence of everything I want to be in life.  They’re on sale for 85 bucks at Caliroots.  Don’t be like me and wait too long until they don’t have your size anymore.  UPDATE: As another Sneakhype editor has pointed out under the alias Your Mom in the comments below, this shoe is apparently widely available and for cheaper than what I said.  This is good and bad.  Good because you can get it anywhere and they’re 60 bucks.  And bad because I feel like a dumbass.

Featured Artist – Flavio Melchiorre

Straight up Italian dopeness.  

Incase Monochrome Slider iPhone Cases

Incase just came out with these new Monochrome slider cases perfect for spring time. The new cases come in three colorways and they are available now at Incase’s online store. Hit the link for a closer look.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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