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Holographic Heads

This is dope, you got to check it out. These two dudes use these Holographic Drumkits and Turntables to put on a hell of a live show. Check out the video after the jump and see for yourself.


Dope Couture Giveaway

SNEAKHYPE  should be everyone’s favorite website by now. Not only do we provide you with your daily dose of dopeness but we provide you with free Dope Couture too.  That’s right, SNEAKHYPE and Dope Couture have hooked and we are giving a free t-shirt. Find out how to win after the jump.

Inked Up Pin-Up Girls

Dime pieces with dope tattoos. Enjoy.

G-Shock March 2010 Releases

G-Shock just released their GA-100 and GA-110 models in a bunch of new colorways. Most of the watches are too loud for me but if you got some serious swag you can cop these now at your local G-Shock retailer. Hit the link to see some more pictures.

Eagle Murders Mountain Goat

Holy shit.  At about 0:45, and again at 5:00, and then a third time near the end of the vid, this giant Golden Eagle dominates a couple mountain goats by launching them off a cliff to their instant death.  Total frikkin badass.

Nike Sportswear – The Brasil Black Pack

In preparation for the 2010 World Cup Nike hooked up Brasil’s National Soccer Team with this new Black Pack. Nike switched from Brasil’s signature yellow, blue, and green colorway to an all black one. The black looks real clean.  Brasil’s team is going to look very bad ass in matching blacked out warm ups and jerseys. Players can mix and match from the collection to fit their individual style. The Pack includes the N98 Track Jacket, Destroyer jacket, Windrunner, jersey, shorts, and more. Take a closer look after the jump.

“Fontform” by Sander van Heukelom

An artist with strong graffiti roots, Sander van Heukelom has once again come up with something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  You may recall his “Fat Cap” (spray can cap) chairs, or his graffiti sculpture.  Now he shows us his new project, “Fontform” as yet another dope addition to his unique portfolio.

So the new iPhone is going to kick some serious ass.

I mean… what did you expect?  Did you think Mr. Jobs was going to let these Droid/Nexus 1 wannabes show up the one and only?  HA!  So get this shit: when Apple makes new gear, they have to register patents for breakthrough innovations.  As you might expect, there are G33kz0rz hackk3Rz that actually sift through patent offices trying to find this info before the new product drops with the breakthrough features. So here’s the scoop: the iPhone 4 (as it’s being dubbed) is going to have a sensor in the camera that will allow users to scroll and click on stuff without having to touch the actual screen.  You could imagine all the possibilities: fast forwarding through some ass-dialed-voicemail, scrolling down to read an article, flipping through albums in iTunes… who knows what else. Shit yeah I’m gettin one.

Kid CuDi – Know Why

Anytime that you want to just vibe out to some good tunes and relax, Kid CuDi is always one of the first artists to go to.  This is an unreleased track from ’08, and i’m diggin’ the feel that you get from it.  I don’t know about you, but i’m ready for his next album.

Supra Baby Skytops

These shoes alone almost give me enough reason to go out and try to have a kid tonight.  Three different colorways, so i think i might try and have three kids, that way all three are just ballin’ out with these sick baby editions of some Skytops.  They’ll be availabe at select Supra retailers over the comin’ weeks.

Vans – Sierra 106 LX

Vans, seemingly more than anyone else, has this knack for making the simplest little things seem so gosh-gall-darn dope sizzle.  The new Sierra 106 LX (already hitting some Vans Vault retailers) does just that — taking a shoe similar to the likes of their Chukka Low, and slappin some metal grommets and hiking laces on it.  Another versatile classic from Vans — dress it up, dress it down, rock em when you burn one down. 

The Trojan House

Just another fly ass house that can be found on SNEAKHYPE.  The massive shelving system in the kitchen/living room is super dope and could not only be used for storage, but could also serve to exhibit select pairs of shoes, bottles of wine/champagne, glass art, etc.  Obviously, the seating in the photos is minimalist in order to showcase the actual house, but with a fatty couch and a thick sheepskin rug, that fireplace area would be off the freaking chain. Side note: You can notice that this house is in a standard neighborhood with a normal lookin’ house next-door.  Just imagine being this dude’s neighbor.  You go out in your driveway to pick up the morning paper rockin your slippers and the robe you got at TJ-Maxx, sippin on some coffee out of a mug with a picture of your kid on it… and BOOM BITCH! you see the frikkin Trojan House.  You sip your bland-flavored Folger’s and say under your breath, “Mother fucker.  Mother fuckin mother fucker.  OOOOOhhhh I’m Mr. Neighbor-man!  I’ve got an artsy house and shit!  Lil Bitch.” Double side note:  It’s weird how you can think something is so dope one second, but if you put… More →

Superb Sale

Now through March 2nd is when you’ll be able to grab any Superb tee for 14 bucks and all hoodies and crewnecks for about 30 bucks.  After having taken a recent look at Superb, this sale couldn’t come at a better time — especially considering their release of the “Touché Mothafucka!” line. 

Creative Recreation for Barney’s New York – Spring 2010 Footwear

Creative Recreation continues its popular Barney’s collection with the release of their Cesario and Testa, and Dicoco models in some special colorways. These are probably the dopest colorways of these three models that Creative Rec has released this year. The colors and materials used are a lot more flashy than other colorways we have seen from them this year. All of these will be available exclusively at Barney’s New York. Expect these to release next week with the price tag starting around $130 bucks.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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