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iPad – A Sneakhype Perspective

It’s been almost a week since Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPad… and I just now quit jerkin off.  I’ve heard haters say things like, “It’s too expensive.”  or “What would I do with that that I can’t already do?”  Well, for one, hater, you could ball the F out.  Somebody said to me, he said, “I would only pay 300 for it.”  I said, “Yeah, I would only pay 300 for it, too, but I would also pay an additional 200 dollars to be the illinest dude on the block swiping away on my iPad at my local coffee shop droppin panties left and right.”  Just imagine rockin this thing on your tray table on your flight to Vegas.  “Oh this?  This is that new Apple tablet called the iPad… yeah, they’re pretty neat… do I want to meet you in the bathroom in five minutes..?  Why yes, yes I do, you gorgeous dame.  Wait wait… are you 18 though?  Oh 19? You are?… Wow, what a big little girl you are.  K I’ll be there soon.. just let me finish watching this last episode of True Blood on my iPad in HD where Bill Compton and his vampire… More →


Kush Support – A Natural Rest for the Breast

Apparently, well endowed women don’t like it when gravity pulls down on the upper teet when sleeping on one’s side.  Fear no more — introducing “KUSH”… the ergonomically designed tittie pillow.  You know what else would work PERFECTLY for this purpose??  My erect dong.  …just saying.  Watch the commercial:

Floppy Disk Art by Nick Gentry

It’s like fine art for the über-geek.  Want.  A lot of his work is for sale if you’re interested.  Read about his methodology (+ more pics):

Most Expensive Trailer Home Ever

This thing is advertised as being able to serve as either an office, guesthouse, or greenhouse.  Orrr… you could make it all 3 of those things at one time.  Check it: you grow weed in it (greenhouse), do all your bidness out of it (office), and the hired hippies you use to trim your buds can live inside of it (guesthouse).  Best part: if the cops tryin to steal yo crops, you can just put the whole thing (hippies and all) on a forklift, and throw it in the river.  Awesome.  Made by dmvA Architecten.  

Must Love Dogs

OBEY hooked up with Adopt-A-Pet.com to give to you the best shirt anyone could ever wear to a bark park.  Pretend like you give a shit by rockin this shirt — all profits go to helping put ugly dogs to sleep.  Rather, finding stray dogs a home.  Available in men’s ($27)and women’s ($32).  

Louis Vuitton – Fall 2010 Accessories Collection

Louis Vuitton just dropped their new 2010 Fall line and their latest collection may be a little different from what your used to seeing from LV. Not only is the Damier Print non-existant but the new line also features a nice mixture of new textures, materials, and colorways. Take a closer look after the jump.

Reebok Pump Omni Lite – Military Pack

It’s hard to not be a fan of the Reebok “Pump”.  It’s really hard to not be a fan with these two colorways as well.  If you remember the Skytop’s that came out in the military colorway, well these blow those out of the water in my opinion.  These are expected to drop sometime in the near future.

Hard Graft iPad Case

Well here we are, a few days after the announcement of the iPad, and someone has already jumped on the task of comin’ out with a case.  Honestly, the case looks pretty clean to me, its made by Hard Graft.  I assume it should be available around the same time as the release of the iPad.  We’ll keep ya posted.

Scary Dope

Normally if I said “scary dope” I would mean, “this right here is so dope… it’s scary.”  However, in this instance, I mean to say, “this shit right here is pretty scary — but it’s also a little bit dope.”  Dope part about it is that it has a little Latin Americana flava, and they’re signed and numbered (run of 35).  The series is called “Una Musica Triste”… which, if my good friend Estefania were here, she would tell me that such means: “A Sad Music”.  The series is by the artist: Giorgio Di Salvo, and you can buy a print for about 50 bucks here.  

Bird Coat Hanger

Cuz your threads is so fly.  Get it?  You can buy it here.  

The Hundreds Footwear – 2010 Spring Collection

The Hundreds just dropped their latest line of kicks just in time for the spring season. The new collection consists of the Johnson, Valenzuela, and Johnson Mid models all coming in new colorways. The Hundreds Footwear line is getting better with each new release and the best part about them is they are reasonably priced with price tags starting at  around $60 bucks. You can get these now at Primitive. Hit the link for more pictures.


Evolved-Footwear X Sneakhype T-Shirt Giveaway

Our friends over at Evolved-Footwear decided to do a little giveaway for all you t-shirt lovers.  Let me make it clear though: these T’s are not just any T’s — you stand to win a couple of the coolest T’s every made.  For all the directions on how to win this two-pack giveaway, head on over to Evolved-Footwear’s website.  Good luck to all!

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10 Artists To Watch Out For In 2010 – Part 1

Music has been, and always will be one of my biggest passions, period.  My love for it is unmeasurable, and I love sharing new stuff that I find or come across with anyone and everyone.  In light of those things, I felt that I needed to showcase a group of artists to you guys that I believe are on the rise, and that I expect big things from this year, as well as throughout their careers.  I’m going to break this up into two parts, solely for the fact that I want you to take the time to listen, and enjoy each artist.  I don’t want to do a ranking system either, I will leave that to everyone else out there.

Apple Tablet Rumors Are Flying

Today was good a day for the electronics world. There were quite of few rumors flying around today about Apples Tablet PC and it sounds like Apple is planning to make a statement regarding the release of their latest creation.  We’ll keep you updated when more information when it is made available but for now you can check out a video after the jump which reveals how the Tablet will operate. Check it out.

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