ICON Shoes By Rbelion

Here’s some dope pieces of art done by Spanish artist Rbelion.  All three look pretty sick, could definitely use this on my bedroom wall.  Check the other two after the jump.

Black Label X Jagermeister

With Jager bombs being in my top 3 favorite alcoholic beverages, and possibly even being numero uno, this board is a must have.  Black Label hooked up with Jager for this deck, limited to only 200 produced.  The hard part is going to be that they won’t even be in stores, you’ll have to look for the Jager girls out  on the bar scene.  Which i would find to be a fun task, hit the bar, take some Jager bombs, win a Jager skateboard, and then skate your way home with a Jager girl on your back.  Mission will be in effect later this evening.


Lady Gaga X Kanye West X Dave LaChapelle: Fame Monster Album Artwork

Lady Gaga is back and doing what she does best, wearing crazy outfits and acting weird. By her standards though her new album artwork is not that outrageous…..unless you consider Kanye West rescuing a butt-naked Lady Gaga from a savage jungle outrageous. Take a closer look after the jump.

Air Jordan Alpha 1

Air Jordan is preparing to release a new, more performance friendly, version of the Air Jordan 1. The “Aplha 1’s” feature a bigger outsole and a perforated midsole. They look pretty much the same to me but if Air Jordan says they are better then they must be better. Look for these to drop January 16th, 2010.


Curren$y Stops by Diamond Supply Co. NY Pop Up Shop

Curren$y stopped by the Diamond Supply Co. pop up shop in New York to check out the exclusive NY gear. Diamond Supply owner Nick Diamond took Curren$y on a tour of the store and unveiled a new collaboration between Diamond & Curren$y’s JETS brand. Take a look at the video after the jump.


Overkill X New Balance – Write The Wall

Overkill and New Balance recently teamed with a bunch of Berlin graffiti artist on this “Write the Wall” Berlin Art project. The artists painted up a 40 foot long piece of the original Berlin Wall that was rebuilt specifically for this show. As you may remember from your high school history class the Berlin wall completely painted during the cold war. It’s a pretty interesting concept and the mural turned out ridiculously dope. Plus you can actually cop the kicks featured on the wall. Take a closer look after the jump.

Kid Cudi X BAPE LA – Release Recap

Kid Cudi was on hand in Los Angeles at the Bathing Ape flagship store for the release of his new BAPE collaboration tee. Cudi signed some autographs and kicked with some lucky some fans. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Brittany Murphy Dead – Exclusive Details

This morning, long friend of Sneakhype, Brittany Murphy, was found dead in the shower by her mother.  Cause of death: cardiac arrest.  Cause of cardiac arrest: simultaneous ingestion of 17 oxycontins, 12 perkaset, and approximately 28 grams of cocaine found inside a green party balloon.  The rest of the media will say that there are absolutely NO details regarding her cause of death, so you may ask, “Hey Sneakhype… shut the Front door… how do yooou know what happened?”  Valid question… but, you still don’t get it, do you?  We party with celebs on the reg.  Brit was blowin up PG last night like “PG, where the powder at?”  PG of course replied via text, “yo grl, i gotchu.  u got dem oxys tho?”  Britanny then said, “You know it.  Come over.”  PG then said, “what u wearin?”  Brittany replied, “You know that picture of me that comes up on Google images of me with my legs spread?  Yeah… that outfit.”  PG then ended the text conversation with a question that will forever remain unanswered, “sweet.  r u on your period again tho?”  She didn’t answer, so PG tried to save some face by texting her “It’s all good if u… More →

Banksy – Regent’s Canal

Well known graffiti artist, Banksy, recently did some new pieces near Regent’s Canal in Camden.  As usual, awesome looks, as well as sends a political message.  Be sure to hit the jump.

Ban.Do Accessories

Headbands, belts, corsages, definitely three items that are a must for any ladies wardrobe.  I don’t necessarily care about the belts or corsages, but there’s something about a chick wearing a headband that just ignites my fire.  Anyways, this line was created by two LA stylists, and you can check out some more items over at their website.

Dopeshow Stocking Stuffer

Do you occasionally enjoy lighting the cigarrettes of girls who “don’t” smoke, but always need to after they have 2 soco-limes, an amoretto sour or a red bull vodka?  I know I do.  It’s usually not too difficult to start conversations with the aforementioned skank, HOWEVER, having an item that is sure to spark some curiosity can never hurt.  So here it is: the Ambush Zippo.  Available in 4 colors.  You can get one here.  Oh yeah, there is ONE thing that sucks about them… they cost just under 200 dollars.  

Bitchin Stocking Stuffer

We all know Santa is a straight badass.  I heard one time, back in the 80’s… Blitzen’s foot got caught in some quick-dry cement that was holding down some freshly laid Spanish roofing tiles.  You know Kringle is a man of punctuality… and Blitzen was whinin, so Santa used THIS knife (the SOG Access Card 2.0, Tactical Black) to frikkin amputate Blitzen’s weak sauce hoof.  Dude dropped that camel toe down the chimney along with a Garmin GPS, a Sneakhype Black Friday T-Shirt, and a couple G-Shocks… and said “And to all a good night.  YAW!!! YAWWW!!” … and with a crack of his whip, they were off and made it home before sun-up.  

K1X – Four Elements Pack – FIRE

You may recall from a while back, seeing on this here website a fly basketball inspired by “water.”  The 4 elements series continues with this fire ball designed by Bill McMullen.  They’re only making 111 of each of the 4 balls.  This fire ball drops Jan 21, and you can get more info here.  Check out the others in the series:  

Leopard’s Nose is Actually Chick’s Booty

Hit the click to see the full frontal of the cat’s face.  It’s undeniable that I paint all over the backsides of chicks with hourglass figures all the time.  But I gotta give mad props to this artist because I have always wanted to paint a jungle cat’s face on a nice fatty dumper such as this one.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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