Thank You For A Great Year!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Sneakhype!  Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that’s been riding with us from day one, and everyone that’s jumped on board this year as well.  We hope to have your support throughout 2010, as it should be a huge year for us.  Check out some random logos from 2009 after the jump.  Everyone be safe out there tonight.

Babies (movie trailer)

These lil babays are so damn cute I just wanna squeeze their little cheekies and blow raspberries on their wittle behwees.  Check out the trailer for the upcoming film that follows 4 babies from around the world through their first year of life:  

Pistol Tequila ($29)

It’s a shot of tequila.  Get it?  I often pop bottles, and now it has become possible to pop a cap in the ass of whomever I chose with this Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila bottle.  Even though it’s reasonably priced at under 30 bucks (you can purchase it here), I’m not sure I would buy this simply because I could predict with near certainty that my friend Tom would put it in his belt tryin to act hard, and while dancing in a fit of anger after being schooled by me and PG in a game of beer pong, the bottle would shatter in his pants.  Then he’d probably act like it was my fault and come at me with his Jew fists of fury and beat my ass.  

The Worldest Biggest New Era Hat

Alright i don’t know if this is really the worlds largest hat but it is a size 16 which is pretty impressive.  The huge New Era fitted features Mishka’s “Keep Watch” eyeball and is on display at their flagship store now if you want to check it out. Unfortunately it’s not available for purchase. Hit the link for more pictures.

Stussy – Year Of The Tiger T-Shirts

Myself being a lucky Leo, i’m diggin’ the newest Stussy release.  Based upon the 2010 Zodiac calender year being the year of the tiger.  They are availabe now thru Stussy Japan retail stores.

Rolex x Fragment Design – Available ($21,562)

In the market for a new watch?  What’s your budget?  Twenty to thirty… thousand f#cking dollars?  Sweet, I’ve got just the watch for you.  PG actually previewed these earlier this month, but now they are available for 9 easy payments of $2396… or you can just buy it outright for $21,500.  Damn that’s expensive, but damn, they sure are clean, ain’t they?  

Element Cornerstone Jacket ($47)

Looking for something to buy with that 60 bucks that Gramma gave ya?  You already bought a sack of weed, didn’t you?  Didn’t you!  You should be ashamed… Well, since that’s gone, that only leaves you the 50 that your uncle gave you… which is just about enough for this here windbreaker from Element.  Available in this frappacappaccino brown, as well as, a sneakhype colorway (black/neon green).  Pick it up here.  

Nike SB x Fluff – 600 Page Book

European skate magazine, Fluff, hooked up with Nike SB to create “he dizzying highs and embarrassing lows” of 117 european Nike SB riders on 19 tours shot by 1 photographer and documented in a 600 page book.  It is said to be available at all European SB dealers, but I wouldn’t know because I live in the stizzy states.  Anyone Sneakhypers seen it in person?  Check out the pretty dope Fluff x SB website (takes a minute to load) here.  

Acapulco Gold ‘Incense Series’ Skate Decks

Normally art-series decks like these are way too expensive, but this 3-deck series can be all yours for one easy payment of 129.99.  I think they’re sick, too, so I might have to grab ‘em up.  Tis the season.  You can get them here, and check out all the pics:

Ping Pong/Conference/Beer Pong Table

Not only is this one of the dopest ping pong/beer pong tables you will ever find it also doubles as a pretty sweet conference table too. Table&Tennis was an idea to merge beautiful design, with a conference / dining table and build it to the official specs of a ping pong table. It’s built so that it can transition simply and instantly between the different uses. We’re getting one of these put in the SNEAKHYPE office first thing on Monday.

What The F#ck Happened To BBC?

Remember when BBC and Ice Cream first hit the scene and everything they dropped was so dope you could almost justify paying the outrageous prices they were charging? Those times are long gone. BBC/Ice cream just released their 2010 lookbook and the new line is disappointing to say the least. Pharrell needs to hire a new designer ASAP. Take a closer look after the jump and let me know if you would rock any of their new products.

Unboxing The Air Jordan 11(XI) Space Jams

The Air Jordan 11(XI) Space Jam’s finally arrived at the SNEAKHYPE Office today. Now it’s time to show you a up close look at the most anticipated shoe of 2009.  Can shoes get any better then this? Let’s hope that 2010 is even better.  More pics after the jump.

Spray Can Cap Chairs

These come as the second installment of spray can cap chairs by designer Sander van Heukelom on Sneakhype.  Pretty sweet.  If you’re really rich, Mr. Heukelom will actually make one for you.  Order here.  Check out a full gallery of sweet chairs here.

Rosa Acosta King Magazine Photoshoot

Check out entire spread after the jump. You can thank me later.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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