Lego Girls

This is a pretty dope concept. Check out the rest of the pictures after the jump.

Incase Chrome iPhone Cases

These are probably some of the best iPhone cases we have seen from Incase in awhile. I’m feelin the glossy finish. They are available in black, silver, copper, and gold through Apple Stores and the Incase online store.

Elm Company X Strictly Fitteds

Lovin’ the Chicago colorway on these nasty things.  The well-known fitted cap blog, Strictly Fitteds, hooked up with Elm Company for what you see to the left.  Not sure on release date of these bad boys, but expect them to drop soon.  Be sure to hit the jump.

Nike SB x Skate Mental 3-in-1 Jacket

Fly.  $179 at CCS. 

Skullcandy NBA Series Headphones ($50)

Rep your squad with these fresh headphones from Scullcandy.  I’ve had one pair of Scullcandy’s, and I really like them, so the 50 dollar asking price is quite reasonable.  You can buy them here, and check out some more styles after the click. 

New Super Mario Bros Wii Gameplay Video

I’m pretty amped on this game… so here’s a new video.  Buy it from Amazon for 47 dollars.

Vasava x 55DSL x Atom Plastic Señor Blanco Art Toy

I have kind of fallen off the “art toy” bandwagon, but this little dude is pretty sweet.  If you’re into this sort of thing, you can buy him and take a closer look here.  If you’re not into this sort of thing, you’ll probably just want to scroll down. 

Nike Trainer 1 Troy Polamalu & Larry Fitzgerald PEs

Aha! Finally a post involving everybody’s favorite NFL players Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu.  Fitz is special but hes no Troy Polamalu, my boy Troy is my favorite American-Samoan(Ray Mauluga is a close 2nd) in the league.  Jesus I sound like Saul from Pineapple Express but in all seriousness I wish I were American Samoan.   Except for the tsunamis I think it would be worth it. Statistically speaking American Samoan’s are 40 times more likely to play in the NFL than a non-Samoan American. I shit you not.  Like I could marry a Samoan and my son would still be 20 times more likely to be in the league and then your son. Yup lets just say I’m thinking about it.  I’m a firm believer that mixing Wikipedia and Marijuana smoke will be the reason why I am rich one day.  Anyway here are some Nike Trainer 1 Troy Polamalu & Larry Fitzgerald PEs which are now available at Nike. More pics after the jump.

Sherron Collins On The Cover Of SI

Sherron Collins. Sports Illustrated Cover. Another Number 1 ranking. Memphis game at 9.  It’s going down.  Full pic after the jump.

BAPE X The Beatles

Honestly, i kind of think this is a lame idea that is kind of played out but since these Beatles shirts are made by BAPE they will probably be a hit. Check out the entire collection after the jump.

Frends iPhone Cover

This looks like it took quite a bit of time, but if i had an iPhone, i think this would be a pretty dope cover.  Although i feel i would have to take it off before any night i go out, otherwise, complete demolition.  Whether or not we’ll see this piece for sale is yet to be decided, to our knowledge anyways.  Be on the lookout, and we’ll let you know if it drops.

Mishka X Wellgosh 21st Anniversary Tee

Mishka will always be a legendary brand to me, always the nicest collabs, and freshest designs.  For this they hooked up with Wellgosh, who is an independent stockist of some of the sickest street and designer wear.  Expect this to drop on November 21st at wellgosh.com.

Air Jordan Boys & Girls 2010

If i were a kid, i literally would throw the biggest tantrum ever if i didn’t get to leave the store with the Jordans to your left.  They are supposed to be girls, but i don’t even care, that colorway is legit.  The fact that they also get some VI’s that look like the Carmines drives me wild to.  Keep an eye out for all these next year.

Jim Kazanjian’s Aberration

These look pretty wild, there a part of Jim’s exhibition, Aberration.  Apparently they are hallucinatory photo-composites, and i think they turned out pretty damn sick.  I feel like they would probably make a pretty solid wallpaper for your computer.  Once again go ahead and thank Sneakhype for keep you so fresh, so clean.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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