Urbanears “Plattan” Headphones

The Headhpone game has come a long way over the past few years. They have transformed from a simple product to a fashion accessory that can make or break your outfit and picking the right pair can be a hassle but luckily Urbanears has got you covered. Urbanears is fresh one the scene and lookin to take over the game. These new headphones are filled with all kinds dopeness and they have a more “grown-up” look to them unlike most Skull Candy heaphones which look like they are made for 16 year old girls. Hit the link to check out some more pictures.

Casio G-Shock – Frogman Final Edition

The Frogman has been one of G-Shock’s most successful watches as well as one of the most expensive. It is the only G-Shock designed specifically for divers and it is basically a beast of a watch. But like everything in life all good things must come to an end and sadly the Frogman’s time has come. Casio plans to stop making the legendary watch but since they will releasing a couple special edition Frogmen to commemorate the good run. This may be your last chance to get a Frogman so keep your eye for these at your local Casio/G-Shock retailers.


A Couple Trippy Videos

I don’t wanna stereotype our readers, but if you, per chance, have smoked a bowl in the last 20 or 30 minutes, you’ll probably like these 2 videos.  If you have not smoked, you’ll probably still like them anyways… I mean.. it’s Thanksgiving — you don’t have anything better to do. 


Pharrell Williams Is Designing Chairs

Damn… living theee life is Pharrell Williams man.  Dude has an idea for a chair that looks like a tank, and he’s got the resources to bring it to life.  Gotta give the man his props — chair is pretty sick.  Check it out:

VOID V02 Watch

Personally, I already have enough trouble telling time on an analog watch.  I don’t need any added confusion.  But I’d still rock this watch, and if someone asked me the time, I would just pretend like I was getting a text message and check the time on my phone.  If you’re smarter than me and into Japanese watches, you can pick up this thing for 2 hundo here. 


The Hundreds “Badam” Tee & Hat

The Hundreds Adam bomb takes on an alter ego for these exclusive black friday releases. The limited edition t-shirts and New Eras will be available this Friday at all The Hundreds locations.

Nike SB: Interview with Eric Koston

Nike SB recently sat down with with skater/sneakerhead and brand new SB team member Eric Koston for an in depth interview. Check it out after the jump.

TooFly – Freestyle Eco-Block Rings

Any of you ladies probably already know accessories are key to an entire outfit, even if it’s something as subtle as a finger piece.  These custom rings done by graffiti artist TooFly in collaboraton with Goodwood NYC are available for you females for $10.  Flashy, fly, and affordable, get ‘em while they’re hot.

TRIWA Watches

Yes, yes, yes, i will take all of these colorways.  I honestly don’t have a problem with people jackin’ the classic Rolex style, especially since they’re way more affordable.  Prices range from $145 to $195, and i’d say the money would be well spent on these.  You can grab them at TRIWA’s online shop.  More colors after the jump.

Wiz Khalifa – Deal Or No Deal – Out Today!

Please go support real music if your out & about today, and go grab Wiz Khalifa’s CD that just dropped.  Dude’s been grindin’ to put something out, and now it’s finally here so be sure to go pick it up.  From what i’ve heard so far, it’s a banger for sure.  You can grab it at places such as Best Buy, FYE, etc.

Dell Adamo XPS

Less than 1 centimeter thick, this slick rick would do the trick if you like to flick your Bic, light the wick and click click as you sit.  Yezzir.  Dope new design that always sits at an ergonomic angle — making it extremely easy for you to type comfortably, as well as, snap this shit in half.  You can pick it up for 1800 bucks from Dell. 

Air Jordan Flight 45 – White/Neon Yellow

Fresh for the holidays are these Jordans that will keep you lookin fresh for the holidays.  That’s a little worldplay for ya.  You can pick these up at Size? for 80 euro. 

Vans x Supreme – Winter 09

I read this article on an Italian news source site, so all I gathered from it was that Supreme is gettin down with Vans for a little holiday hookup.  You’ll notice Supreme got to slap its logo on the iconic Vans heal tag, which is pretty ballin.  The day Sneakhype gets its logo on that heal tag will be a great day indeed. 


Alessandra Ambrosio & Ana Beatriz Barros in UK GQ

These are probably the two hottest women on the planet. Don’t believe me? Check out the rest of the pictures after the jump and see for yourself.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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