Mishka – 2010 Calendar

Sweeeet.  Pick yours up at Mishka, and check out the facials… I mean faces… of all the lovely ladies here:

PS3 x Netflix

If you still don’t have a PS3… it’s really hard not to justify the new $300 price tag now that this new deal they got goin’ with Netflix is about to go live.  Netflix is teaming up with Sony — PS3 owners will be able to stream Netflix movies straight to their TV.  Great idea.  Initially, this service will require a disc, but will eventually just happen over your Internet connection.  If you have a PS3, sign up to be the first to receive the free disc here. 


Chris Brown – I Can Transform Ya Feat. Swiss Beatz & Lil’ Wayne (Video)

First and foremost, I in no way, shape or form like Chris Brown.  Yeah he can dance, yeah he can sing… and most of all he helped create one of the best phrases of the year, “chick sit down, before i do the Chris Brown”.  The main reason i put this up is because this video is straight nasty.  Let’s hear some feedback.

Marie-Claude Hames Photography

Not real sure what to think of these photos, but i guess they are pretty sick.  I know HT wishes he was that sewer drain getting doused by what appear to be 4 smokin’ hot chicks, judgin’ by their legs of course.  The rest of the photos are interesting to say the least.  Take a look at them all after the jump.

Nike SB – Dunk Mid Premium

To be honest i have never been a fan of earth tones & colors on shoes, or clothes for that matter.  Every so often though somebody does a shoe just right, mainly Nike SB, that makes me fall in love.  Now that we are entering the fall and comin’ up extremely close on winter, these sneaks are perfect.

Bell & Ross – “Radar” Watch

One of the sickest concepts I’ve seen since the Nixon Newton.  There are a lot of timepieces coming out these days that have creative mechanisms for timetelling.  However, the more creative they get, the more difficult they are to read, and really the less practical they become.  When I buy a nice watch, I want it to be timeless (no pun intended)… one that my grandson will be proud to rock — not just some trendy shit.  This Bell & Ross Radar watch (limited to 500 pieces) is just perfect.  Love the style, love the concept.  Want. 

Medusa Showerhead

What a great idea.  Though, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say: I think it will take more than a couple years for this model to hit the bathroom department at the Home Depot.  But when it does, you can bet I’m buyin.  Not only does it have an obviously dope aesthetic presence, but it also combines the likeable aspect of customizability… and it’s practical. 

INSA “Haters” Exhibition

This exhibition seems to celebrate graffiti arts, as well as, the female ass.  Let us rejoice together and check out these pics:

Johnny Cupcakes Windbreaker

Johnny Cupcakes is bringin the heat from their oven of baked goods with this crispy windbreaker.  Available in both men’s and women‘s sizes — retailing for $98, and you can pick it up right here from Mr. Cupcakes himself. 

UFO Mothership Over Moscow

No big deal or anything… we’re just being studied by aliens and shit.  Aliens, if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you are), Sneakhype.com is totally down with you guys, and if you come to the states, we’ll show you a good time.  My friend dates a stripper, and we can get into this one tittie bar for free.  Hit us up! 

Lil’ Wayne – Run This Town

Most of you out there that dig hip-hop probably somewhat like Jay-Z’s joint Run This Town with Rihanna & Yeezy.  Most of you same people probably hate the music Weezy F. has been puttin’ out, so for you i have this freestyle he does of Jay’s Run This Town.  Sounds a lot more like the old Wayne to me, hope you enjoy. Download/stream after the jump.

Huf Fall 2009 Pt. 2

A whole gang of new stuff from Huf just dropped yesterday at their stores.  Huf seems to do no wrong when it comes to their apparel, or their sneaker collabs for that matter.  Their hats are always what seem to stand out to me, a lot different from the average hats you see.  Take a look at the rest after the jump.

Gucci Icon-Temporary Store

Over the next year or so Gucci will be opening up a series of pop-up shops around the world. At each location a new limited edition Gucci Ronson sneaker will be released along with 18 other exclusive styles from the Gucci Icon-Temporary collection. This month the Gucci pop-up store will be located in downtown Manhattan. The store open’s tonight and will remain there for about a month. Take a closer look at the inside of the after the jump.

Vogue Paris X Kaws – Graffiti-Couture Photoshoot

For their November issue Vogue Paris commissioned Kaws to decorate their “Graffiti-Couture” Photoshoot. The shoot features model Raquel Zimmerman in front of some Graffiti backgrounds with Kaws artwork added on top of the pictures. Kaws can basically draw whatever he wants on a picture and people will love it, especially if there is a sexy chick involved. Hit the link to see the entire shoot.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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