Antwuan Dixon X Urban Ink Magazine

Urban Ink just hooked up with Supra/Deathwish rider Antwuan Dixon for a photo shoot/interview that will be featured in their latest issue. Dixon talks about the inspiration behind some of his tattoos and explains why he got his face inked up; my guess is he was real f*cked up at the time. Hit the link to read more of the interview and check up some detailed images of his face tats.

Ammo Boxes by Technoframes

Even if you don’t have 43 handguns like myself, keeping ammo locked up in these modern cases and placing them on your desk or on your coffee table could give you maybe half of my G status.  You can get them custom engraved with text or even an image or logo, and they make the boxes custom to fit whatever ammo you want to put inside.  You can get an oldschool gold key or a tactical-style key to lock up your goods.  Pretty ballin’ ass accessory for any gun enthusiast.  You can browse the different boxes and order yours here. 

Schwarzenegger Tells State Assembly: “F*** You”

“Earlier this year, he gave a metal sculpture of bull testicles to California’s Senate leader, but now, it seems as if he’s carrying his often-crass sense of humor over to his veto messages.”  After seeing this, you may think this is fabricated or fake.  However, you can look at the actual letter to the state senate at a government website here.  Also, this info came from the Wall Street Journal. 

Featured Artist – Nick Veasey


Lil’ Wayne – No Ceilings – Mixtape

Wayne definitely doesn’t like the spotlight being off him for too long.  We now have his newest mixtape from him since the Drought 3.  If you miss the old freestylin’, beat killin’ monster that he used to be, you definitely need to download this.  It wasn’t supposed to be out until Halloween, so enjoy.  Download after the jump.


Supreme Magazine Vol. 5 Ft. Rosa Acosta

Man, I am really starting to like Supreme’s Magazines. The issue features a photoshoot with Rosa Acosta. If you are not familiar with Rosa you need to get that way.  Hit the link to see more pictures….you can thank me later.

KRINK Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper recently had graffiti artist KR, founder of KRINK Ink, outfit one of their rides with his signature “drip” detailing. The entire ride is covered in the silver ink and is sure to turn heads this week in Germany where it will be revealed to the public. I can’t wait to see the finished product. 

Nike Zoom Kobe V – Chaos Edition

Here is a look at some brand new Kobe’s that will be dropping in the near future. They have been dubbed the “Chaos” edition due to their colorway which is supposed to resemble the joker. I mean there is a slight resemblance between these kicks and the joker but lets face it  these kicks will never be as bad-ass as a pill popping, flamboyantly dressed serial killer. One thing is for certain though, Batman would have never caught the Joker is he was rocking the Kobe V’s. These are available now at MarqueeSole if you want these bad boys, but you better have your money right they are not going cheap. Hit the link for more detailed images.


TwitterPeek for Twitter Freaks

200 dollars can now buy you free Twittering for life.  No monthly fees, no Wi-Fi or cell phone connection necessary.  Just Twitter in your hand and in your face all day every day.  I guess I’m going to need a man-purse now to put all my shit in though.  Ah, who am I kidding… I already have one… I don’t use it though.  I love women.  Titties and boobs and underage girls and consensual male-female or male-female-female sex. 

Incase Icon Slider Two-Tone Case

Is it gay that I sometimes change my iPhone case depending on my outfit?  I mean, I only have an all-black one and an all-white one.  I think it’s ballin’.  I’m tempted to buy all three colorways of this new case to rock in coordination with my shoe collection.  Each case is 35 bucks.  Pick them up from Incase. 

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BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch

A must-have for any blackberry owner.  This slick wristwatch vibrates to alert you, and allows you to read emails, text messages, see who’s callin’ you, etc. right from your frikkin watch.  I’ll have to wait for the iWatch, but until then… I’m pretty jealous.  You can order yours here. 

Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster

I don’t know about you, but i think this is great.  Safer than a paintball or pellet gun, and yet still pretty high-powered.  They say it will shoot a standard marshmallow up to 40 feet.  Pump-action baby!  Purchase info after the jump.

Sole Collector 5th Anniversary Edition Air Penny 2

They do exist! The Sole Collector 5th Anniversary Edition Air Penny 2 were rumored to have been created expecially for Sole Collector but only 6 pairs were ever made.  Now is your chance to get it a pair. . . for $2000.  Buy them here.  More pics after the jump

Lexus LFA – $375,000

560 horsepower.  Nearly half a million dollars after taxes.  Damn, son.  Pics:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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