Supra Holiday 2009 Part 2

We just showed a few Skytops  from Supra’s upcoming Holiday releases now we get too take a look at the entire collection. Once again Supra did not disappoint. Hit the link and check out the entire collection.

The Paraty House…..More Like The Party House

I know we have said this before but this really is one of the dopest houses you could ever live in. First off, it  is located on the beach of an island off the coast of  Brazil…that alone is an instant panty dropper. The two concrete boxes that make up the house are completely open too the elements, this may suck when there is a storm but i think i could handle a few thunder storms if i was living in this house. Hit the link to check out the rest of the house.

Air Yeezy X Air Jordan VI – A Closer Look

It’s about time we take an up close and personal look at the Air Yeezy X Air Jordan VI collaboration. Personally, i thought they could have added a little more color too these;  maybe some pink somewhere, or what about some Tiffany blue? now that would be dope. But its all good, these are still pretty fly. As you may know these sold for over 7 grand Doernbecher Charity Auction. Hit the link for more pictures after the jump.

Ice Cream – Dotted Cones & Bones Tee

Ice Cream just released a new version of their “Cones & Bones” tee. The dotted look may not be noticeable from long distances but once you get up close you can see the extra detail. These are available now at Standard.

iPhone/iPod Cases by Vers

A popular case for BlackBerry users is that black leather sleeve that covers the whole phone.  Leave it to Apple users to one-up you BlackBerry bastards.  Not only is this thing a sleek wood (available in several fininshes), but it also has a little SNEAKpeek hole so you can view the time.  Available for about 40 bucks here.  They also make cases for the nano and other Apple products.

The Hundreds Exclusive Snap Backs

The Hundreds will be releasing their Hundreds “Team” snap backs caps this Thursday. The Hundreds always brings the heat when it comes to the snap backs. These two caps will be exclusively sold at The Hundreds San Francisco store. I’ll take the Teal one please. Hit the link to check out some pictures.

Ferrari California by Hamann

Who would’ve thought that a riced out custom Ferrari would look any doper than a real Ferrari?  I always thought that after age 17, I was too old to put any aftermarket shit on my whip… but this is certainly a miracle whip that serves as an exception from the rule.  More pics: 

Digital Wallpaper

Thats right, digital wallpaper. Check out the video after the jump.

The Hundreds Eyewear Drops This Thursday

The much anticipated release of The Hundreds eyewear is finally here. The debut model, the Phoenix, will be available at The Hundreds SF and LA locations this Thursday. Hit up The Hundreds for more info.


The Clipse X KAWS for Complex Magazine

The Clipse hooked up with KAWS once again for an upcoming collectors issue of Complex magazine. Complex shot them up against a White screen and let KAWS fill in the blank with his artwork. Check out some more pictures and a video of the photo shoot after the jump.

Wall Stencils “Kinky Girls”

I’m really getting into stencil graffiti, and these works are quite tastefully done.  Large and intricate, vintage theme, and well placed inside a pretty dope apartment. 

SUPERB Fall 2009

Crewneck sweater in the club, f*ck a blazer.  Shout out to Pac Div for that one.  Anyways, we got a new look at the fall collection from the clothing line SUPERB, which looks pretty fly.  Great designs, as well as they keep it pretty simple, and i’m always a fan of that.  Check out some more of the line after the jump as well as purchase info.

Supra Skytops Holiday ’09

Here we have a look at some new Skytops getting ready to drop.  All three colorways looks pretty sick to me, but especially the grey’s.  More looks at all three after the jump.


Obscura Introduces CueLight

Lots of funky things going on with lights these days.  As my fellow co-workers would say, this here is very “swanky”.  I mean like this just looks super crazy, be sure to watch the vid after the jump to be amazed.  More pics after as well.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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