More Than A Game Trailer

You’ve all undoubtedly heard his name, and know at least a little about him.  Now you get a chance to get scoop on not only Lebron James, but the rest of his high school basketball team, and their story.  More Than A Game is an upcoming movie that tells their story, and it seems as if it’s going to be pretty good.  If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, hit the jump.

Robotic Walking Tiles

To be honest, i’m not 100% sure what these accomplish besides when there’s a nasty puddle of who know’s what in your kitchen that you don’t want to walk across.  Either way the concept is pretty dope, these are the first generation and the man behind them, professor Hiroo Iwata, says to expect the next ones to be able to similate more a of near reality situation.  Watch the video after the jump.

E-Wolf E2 Electric Supercar (536 horsepower)

It might cost like a bagillion dollars, but think of the money you could save at the pump!  Check out the specs on this bad bitch: 


Nike 1960 (Temporary Store in Rome)

As far as historical landmarks that you need to visit when vacationing to Rome, this temporary store just made my top-3 list.  Pantheon?  What Pantheon?  You wanna see a temple of the Gods…?  Look no further than this Nike pop-up shop, son.  Here’s some words from the artists: “In occasion of the 2008 Olympic games, nike introduced a temporary store in Rome, that hosted many of the most important artists, urban artists, d.j.’s, of Italy and Europe. To celabrate this event nike asked us to design and realize visual merchandising for five nike icons: Air max 90; Dunk; Air force 1; Hoody ;Windrunner. We made five panels(80x80cm), that contained the different icons,for the opening night (8.8.08),and 3 panels(100x100cm),that interpreted 3 o the 5 icons in different materials, for a second event in september 2008. The work you are about to see is copletely hand made, using varius materials such as, rubber, matal, paint, wood, paper, etc… THIS PROJECT WAS REALiZED BY: Julia Finocchi, Corrado Grilli, Maurizio Cignoni, Umberto Putzolu, Guido Vitabile and Francesca Martorelli ART DIRECTION Luigi Vernieri.”

David Beckham x Adidas ZX8000

Droppin in October.  I used to really be into the loud kicks, but now, I draw attention to my feet by just not ever wearing the same pair of shoes three times in one year.  But, if you’re anything like my former self and like the super-bright sneaks, you’ll like what you see here:

“Ora” Watch by Alexandros Stasinopoulos

This thing probably won’t ever make it to market… disappointing, I know.  But I don’t wanna hear any bitchin like, “EG… how you gonna put this up when I can’t even buy it?”  K first of all — this watch is dope and you’re at your daily dose of dopeness, mmk.  Secondly, if this watch was really available… it would probably cost like 9 thousand dollars.  Would you really buy it?  Yes?  If so, you need to hit us up, and we need to do some bidness together because it sounds like you got some disposable income that you can dispose of to me. 

Nike Sportswear – East Vs. West Apparel

Everyone seems to be gearing up for the fall and winter season this year, a lot of heat droppin’.  You’ve already seen a look at the East Vs. West kicks, but now we have a preview of whats to expect for the apparel part of it.  Kind of has me confused because they don’t really match the shoes, but oh well, there still clean as a mug.

KR3W Phantom Watches

I have been pondering for a long time now if I have enough swagger to pull off rockin 2 or more watches on the same wrist.  I think I might have to buy every color of this watch (50 bucks each), and rock different color combos.  Get yours here.  Just wait for it… one year from now, you’ll be seein Cudi rockin 2 watches in a video.  SNEAKHYPE called it. 

Undrcrwn X Mos Def – Cut & Sew Collection

Apparently the versatile rapper/actor, Mos Def ,can also design the sh*t out of some clothes. He recently hooked up with Undrcrwn for the 2nd season of his own line. The line features mostly cut and sew items which feature graphics designed by Mos Def himself. Check out the entire line after the jump.

SNEAKpeek Jordan 2010’s Are Wack

Jordan what did you do this time?  Ya’ll f–ked this one up big time.  Period.  When did Converse start designing shoes for Jordan?  You pay $175 for these? What do you guys think? Am I just crazy or is this shoe that bad?  Let me know what you think after the jump.

Krink 8 Liter Applicator Now Available

Ever feel the need to spray down an entire room with Krinks Made-in-USA ink? Well your in luck. Krink is releasing a limited run of these fully functional 8 Liter applicator. Only 20 of these will be released and each one is signed. Check out Krink for more info. Hit the link for more pics Via Highsnob

Nike Free Run – Supernatural Animated Video

Nike always brings the hear when comes to advertising their products. Check out their latest Nike Free 5.0 digital campaign after the jump.

Orisue Fall ’09 Collection Pt. 2

Orisue just dropped a bunch of new gear to keep you warm this fall.  Orisue is one of those brands that keeps it pretty simple, but do it just right.  Always a fan of what i see, and you can see the some of the line after the jump, as well as get some purchase info.

Andy Warhol X Marilyn Monroe – Nike Air Max 90

What do you get when you mix an all-time classic sneaker with a all-time classic painting by a creative genius?  One word….  perfection.  I want to buy three pairs of this shoe, one to rock, one to display, and one to sleep with every night.  Just plain sick, hit some more pics after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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