IPATH – LE Grasshoppers

IPATH is releasing a limited edition Grasshopper for Holiday 09 in a patent leather/action leather combo.  These kicks still feature triple stitching in the toe and ollie areas, support strap and secret stash pocket under the tongue for stashing things, as well as patent leather.  These kicks will be available at select locations including IPATH’sonline store.

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BBC – Space Beach Collection

BBC just released their new “Space Beach” collection which should be available in-store and online next week. Check out the whole collection after the jump.


Stussy X Futura Laboratories

Stussy just collaborated with Futura Laboratories on this “Capsule Collection” that includes apparrel and accessories. The collection consists of a messenger bag, denim jeans, 2 shirts, and my favorite, a reversible down vest. This collection will be hittin select retialers next week. Hit the link to check out the whole collection.


Sneaker Freaker x AIAIAI – Earbuds

Minty fresh.  Comes with several different sizes of earbud squishy things for optimal custom comfort AND it’s got the hands-free thing on the chord so you can use it with your iPod, iPhone, or Blackburreh.  They just went on sale yesterday at SF’s online store for sixty bucks. 

Timex 80’s ($50)

You might remember seeing these a while back… well I kind of forgot about them until now.  I just found that you can grab up a bunch of colorways for $50 each at ExtraButter.  Check out the other colors…

Supreme x Buck Knives

If you’re gonna get into a knife fight… you may as well do it with some dope swagger.  These will come available next week. 

Nike – Hypermax Tennis Ball Pack @ Nikestore

The yellow is sold out, but the blue and red are still available at NikeStore.  Hey Nike… hit up Sneakhype already — lemme get that media discount, yo.  Tryin to get me them blues. 

Vestal Watches – Destroyer

I’ve been on the prowl for a murdered out timepiece, and I think I’ve found quite a gem here.  You can pick it up for 80 bucks here.  Take a look at the full-size pic…

KIKS.TYO – Sneakers & Beer Tee

It’d be a lot cooler if it said “Titties and Beer”… but I guess this will do.  Plus the SB highlighted intials are tight.  Comes in green too.  Pick em up here.

L.A.M.B. Justice Sandals

Pass the dutchie pon de left hand side, that’s what you ladies will be singing while your rockin’ these rasta lookin’ heels.  I think their sexy, so therefore you should buy them, and then wear them to my pad…. thanks.  More looks after the jump.


NBA 2K10 – Who’s Ready?

With October 6th just a little over a month away, millions of people are highly anticipating the release of this game.  Us here at Sneakhype are not only huge fans of the 2k series, but we’re also pretty damn good, if you think i’m lying get at me on live.  Anyways, check out the Kobe Bryant trailer after the jump.

Supreme Fall & Winter ’09

Bringin’ that heat as usual, the team over at Supreme give us a look into their upcoming line for this fall & winter.  Take a look at all the photos after the jump, let us know what you think.

Incase x Paul Rodriguez – Signature Collection Skate Pack

Man… I wanna be P-Rod.  Dude’s got Nike SB and now Incase throwing more free dope shit at him then he probably knows what to frikkin do with.  The whole signature collection is ill, but this skate pack might take the cake.  Comes in black or gray; you can buy it here. 


Chair Made of 10,000 Straws

This thing sucks.  Get it? 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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