Floating Apartments

Nothin says ballin like takin a girl home from the club in your rolls phantom that parks in a garage at the docks where you hop on your jumbo speed boat and take it to your floating luxury apartment.  Can you imagine?  “Hey honey… I’m gonna hop on the jet ski and head to shore for a few necessities: ziplock bags, some lube, and some bold party blend Chex Mix.  Be back later byatch.”  So dope.  Check out more pics. 

Alphanumeric – Fall ’09 Tees

Alphanumeric is bringin the freshness along with the satire with their Fall lineup this year, and I’m likin what I’m seein’ here.  Check out just a few of our faves, and head on over to Alphanumeric for the whole kit and kaboodle. 

The Stretch Shelf

Made of fatty rubber bands and aluminum pegs, these stretch shelves are perfect for me — as I am the rubba bann man.  Designed by Pete Oyler.

Evolved Footwear – Kansas City Royals Air Force One

Our buddy over at Evolved Footwear threw together this sick pair of Air Force Ones commemorating their World Series win back in 1985.  Overall shoes look clean, nothing too crazy, but still set apart from the rest.  Check out another look after the jump.

Skullcandy Girls

Have some nice pics of the Skullcandy girls for you all, via the guys over at Rad Collector.  I like them all, each girl, if any of you Skullcandies are single, holler at me!  Enjoy all the pics after the jump.

Freestyle Shark – Billet Japan Limited

Probably one of the dopest Freestyles i’ve seen so far, nothing sicker than a murdered out, all black, water resistant watch.  This one though will be a lot more limited than other Shark’s, only 500 pieces produced with each one being numbered, oh and it’s only going to be released in Japan.  More photos after the jump.

Villa Storingavika By Todd Saunders

Us here at Sneakhype only like to hang out in the freshest of homes.  It has to be cozy, yet contemporary, and big enough to throw the largest of bashes.  This one certainly fits the profile, check out some other looks after the jump.


Kidrobot – Things That Hurt Zipper Pulls

Soft vinyl series of 25 different zipper pulls by Kidrobot.  There are bullets, guns, grenades, brass knuckles and more.  It’s blind-box assortment — meaning if you order one (for 3 dollars), you don’t know which one you get until you open the box.  But for 3 bucks, you may as well buy 5, save the dopest one for yourself, and give away 4 for birthday presents or whatever.  You can get them here. 

MX Sole Now Available on Bespoke at 21 Mercer

The AF1 MX sole can now be used to customize out your dream kicks on Bespoke at 21 Mercer.  With 19 colors available, you’ll surely find something.  The MX sole features the semi-transparent gum and air heal cup.  Check out all 19 colors and closer looks after you click your mizzy mouse. 

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Nike x True “Trumara 96 pack”

Although the shoes look like a pair of kicks my dad might go hiking in… if he were to, I would give some props to pops… some big poppa props (for rocking the Sneakhype black/slime-green colorway).  To celebrate the 13th anniversary of San Francisco streetwear mainstay True, Nike is re issuing the lazer camo edition Humara designed by the True squad as part of the clerks park released back in 2006.  This time around the Trumara comes packaged with a matching new era & tee all for the retail price of $96 in honor of the year True opened for business, 1996.  The Trumara 96 pack drops this Saturday August 1st exclusively at True in San Francisco & True East in Walnut Creek.

Nike 1/2 Cent – Silver/Black Colorway

Nike is releasing yet another colorway of the Air Penny Half Cents. The Half Cents are probably one of my all-time favorite shoes. If you missed out on the black colorway that was released about a week ago don’t make the same mistake twice. They are retailing at $190 but they will go quick. They will be available at Foot Locker in September. Check out some more detailed pictures after the jump.

Wundervoll Autumn/Winter ’09

Women’s lingerie, not much to say other then that.  I’m a sucker for some sexy, but still classy underwear.  Although i do love it when they wear one of my t-shirts and some booty shorts, i do like stuff like you’ll see in these pics as well.  On top of the nice looking girls & top quality lingerie, the photography is pretty dope as well.  Check out the whole collection after the jump.

Air Jordan – Retro XII – Flu Game

A lot of 12’s have been coming out or about to come out recently.  These been one of the doper pairs i’ve seen besides  the Rising Sun’s.  These have been dubbed the “Flu Game” because he was wearing these when he scored 38 points against the Utah Jazz in game 5 while severely sick with the stomach flu, that game was back in ’97 by the way. These will be officially released in November but you can get them exclusively at Osneaker now and be the only dude on your block to have them.

Photograher Tony Duran: The Girls

New work from Photographer Tony Duran. Enjoy.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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