New Nike SB’s Available At Univ

Univ just got some new Nike SB’s in, including the highly anticipated “Ron Burgandy” Dunks. Hit up Univ now to get yours.

Space Jam’s Now Available At SneakerHotline

Christmas in July? Sorta.  The Air Jordan Re-Retro 11 “Space Jams” are now available at SneakerHotline months before its release for a whopping $325.  It’s not a bad deal for hottest shoe of the year. Buy them right here.

Noureen Dewulf for

S m o k i n .  You should probably check out these other photos.

Dario Nucci for adidas Originals

Nucci explains this series as: “A set of print ads for adidas Originals showcasing four illogical worlds, one for each product line: Fafi, Freizeit, Missy Elliot and Muhammad Ali. Also two for Sunglasses and Watches.”  Check out the watch the watch getting punched out of that cookoo clock.  Anyone know what watch that is?  Want… 

G-Shock “Crazy Colors” in the DW-6900

In case you haven’t already read my Dr. Seuss poem on the purple and pink one that we showed a couple weeks back… here it is again: I think… I think I like this purple and pink.  I know I like it; I like it a lot.  I think I will buy it and smoke me some pot.  ‘Tis so fresh, like a fruit that is ripe.  As to be expected, as ’tis found on SNEAKHYPE.  – Dr. Seuss Classic.  All these new colorways will drop at most G-Shock retailers in August.  So, basically, you should be able to find these at your local mall come next week.

iPod Ghetto Blaster

This thing looks sick — unfortunately though, it’s gotten terrible reviews from Amazon purchasers.  Both reviews gave it 1 star and said that the sound quality is real bad for what you pay, and it takes 10 (count ‘em: ten) D batteries…. AND both said that once they got the batteries in there, it wouldn’t even play.  So you have to have it plugged in, it’s fairly expensive, and the sound quality is bad.  But if you still have to have it, you can get it at Amazon.  It’s called the Lasonic iPod Boombox i931. 

Calfskin Vans Sk8 Mid LX

Because you just ain’t doin it unless your kicks require the slaughter of a baby cow.  The inside lining is pretty fresh.  You can order them by phone from Extra Butter. 

Official – Fall/Winter 09

It’s official — Official is officially dope.  Here’s just a snippet of some approaching drops.  If you haven’t recently, check their webstore for their current lineup. 


anon Optics Summer 2009 Collection

New stuff in from anon.  Just a few picks we’ve selected here, but if you check out the whole lineup at their website, many of the frames come in like a dozen colorways.  Stuff for guys and gals alike.  Lots of good looks; refined monochromatic colors and some freshtastic colorways as well.  If you’ve been lookin to step up your shades game, what better place than here?  What better time than now?  Guerrilla radio!!!  Sorry, I’m needin a Rage fix right now.  I wanna rock.  Check that — I do rock.  I wanna rock  o u t. 

adidas – Avinyo Watch

I’m a sucker for the original adidas logo… they really need to do away with that pyramid lookin thing and revert back to their roots if y’ask me.  Unisex watch.  $85.  You can get it here.

Nike 6.0 Braata x Stinkween

These are now available at Jack’s Surfboards. 

The Hottest Women From New Jersey

If you care to see Anne Hathaway’s boobs, click me.  This was a top 9 list put together by  Some of their picks were weeeak, so we left them out, BUT they also picked some gems — a couple of which were too sultry for the lead image.  Anne keeps it classy… except for when she wheres sheer shirts at movie premiers apparently.

Original Fake – KAWS Chum Toy Keychain

The only caveat is that you have to buy all 5: $60.  They’re 2 inches tall.  You can buy them at KAWSONE. 

Original Fake x Levi’s – Hits London and Europe September 1st

Dear London Sneakhypers – You cheeky bastards!  Nah, we love you — but a tad jealous.  Not only did you recently get the Anthony Burrill exhibit, but now you’re getting a this dope denim on Saturday.  Click me for more release info.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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