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Lightscraper AKA RaveMaker

The LightScraper is a custom built aluminium structure, fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. The structure can be easily erected in various compositions in an outdoor or indoor setting. A single computer and two projectors are use to bring the sculptures visuals to life. The LightScraper also acts as a giant musical instrument, people’s location influence the melodies emitting from the sculpture. More pics after the jump. [yeezy]


The Godfather x Michael Lau x MINDstyle Preview

Take a look at a preview of Micheal Lau’s Godfather collection alongside Mindstyle.  The collection includes a marionette of Don Vito Corleone and many other notable characters from the Godfather movies.   Expect a July 2009 release date. [hypebeast]

The Big 3 Footwear Faceoff

The Big 3(Kobe,Lebron,Melo) are all still in the playoffs and averaging huge numbers for their teams. It’s a rare occasion when you have arguably the best three scorers in the league battling it out for the crown.  This is why they are worthy of a 3 person footwear face off.  Its Jordan vs. Nike vs. Nike, Nike must be having wet dreams right now.   Who deserves the crown?  You decide. Take a look at the pics after the jump.

Nike MVPs – Kobe & LeBron Round 4(Mrs. Lewis)

While Lebron made the most insane shot in playoff history a couple days ago, Kobe was Doin Work helping the Lakers take a 2-1 lead over Nuggets.  It’s a toss up at this point.  For now check out Round 4 of the Nike MVP commercial featuring Mrs. Lewis.

Akomplice – Love Flood Tee

Reminds me a bit of some Imaginary Foundation stuff… so, naturally, I like it.  Can I… can I just take a moment here to talk… not about this shirt… but just about freshness in general?  I love the freshness.  I love the dopetacular and all that is dope so much.  I just want to thank all those in this world who dedicate themselves to bringing me the freshness.  Nike, Crooks, Stüssy, Sneakhype, Nike Sportswear, 4tube.com, Nike SB… am I forgetting any other Nike brands… oh Nike ACG… I love you all.  Pick up this Akomplice tee here.  More images:

Play Cloths Summer Line

Play Cloths just released their new Summer line. They have a great selection of  logo Tees, Button Ups, Polos, Shorts, and Bandannas. The whole line will be available at Standard. Check out the rest of the line after the jump.

Stussy Summer ’09 Collection

As you all probably know, Stussy happens to be one of our favorite brands throughout the SNEAKHYPE team.  Mainly because they always bring the fire, have a sick @ss logo, & and it’s not extremely expensive.  Here we have a look into the summer collection of there’s.  All the tees are mad dope, and even though it’s summer, i would still rock one of the hoodies.  Check out the rest after the jump.

New DTA X DGK T-Shirt Available @ Attic

Attic just got some new DTA and DGK collaboration Tees. The one seen above is my favorite of all the shirts; the colorway is perfect for the summertime. Check out the rest of the shirts after the jump and get this one here.

Triumvir X Estate LA .44s Southern Gents Fitted Cap

Triumvir hooked up with Estate LA on this new .44 “Southern Gents” hat. It comes in two colorways including the one seen above as well as a Black/Red. Get it here and check out

Nixon Wallets

We show a lot of love to Nixon watches, but lest we forget that Nixon brings the freshness in many other areas of dopenicity.  Here are some neato wallets.  They have like 50 to choose from at their site, and some are as cheap as 25 bucks.  I didn’t see one over 45 either.  Check some out:

Högni Valur Högnason

Two things about this art/ist caught my eye.  1)  KRINK style drippage.  2)  Dude’s name screams artsiness.  Slightly jealous.  Whatever, his website isn’t as cool as mine.  Gotcha bitch.  Dude is from Iceland — check out his site.  Closeups of the individual pieces from this series:

False Idols – Featured Clothing Brand

As you can see above, False Idols brings some fresh ideas to the t-shirt game.  Very eye-catching & creative, look for them to be on the rise very soon.  My favorite piece happens to be the “None Like Us So None Like Us” tee, you can’t tell me that’s not dope.  You can check out some other tees after the jump, as well as where to go to stay updated on info regarding the brand.

House Pozuelo Madrid

I don’t know what to say about this house really, except i might have to buy some land and build me one exactly like it, that’s how sick it is.  Indoor pool, seperate outdoor pool, crazy library room, & some weird referee painted open room.  Definitely my kind of pad.  Check out a bunch of looks at the rest of the house after the jump.

Alain Silberstein iKrono Blue Ring Watch

This watch is supposed to be coming out in the fall exclusively through colette.  It’s designed by Alain Silberstein, and features his usual red, blue, & yellow colorway throughout the watch.  I’m a big fan of digital watches, but i think that i could live with the traditional style on this one. [selectism]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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