Playboy – Kicks, Chicks, and Porno Flicks

So Playboy recently stopped by Leaders in Chicago to pick up some shoes for their new piece on sneakers. They decided to show off the kicks the best way they know how, on beautiful women.  Check out the rest of the pictures after the jump, I would recommend it. [Freshnessmag]

Craig “KR” Costello New Work Exhibtion

Craig Castello, better known as KR, is the graffiti/street artist who founded KRINK is known for his off-the-wall stlye and signture “drip” art. He has a new exhibtion, New Work, which will be held  in Melbourne Austrailia and feature his original works  including some of his Mailbox’s. The exhibition ,which is hosted by the Don’t Come Gallery, opens tonight and will be going on until April 10th. If your in Austrailia i would reccomend stopping by. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Nooka – The Aluminum Zot

It’s been a min since we’ve seen anythin from nooky Nooka.  Perhaps you might like the Nooka if you smoke the hookah while listening to Waiting for My Ruca.  Especailly if your name is Luca… Brazi — like the Godfather.  Top that shit Weezy.  You can buy both of these here.  Closeup pics here:

Nike Air Yeezy’s Available at Leaders 4/4/09

Alright we have been showing previews of the Yeezy’s for a long time now. We finally got some solid information on the release date; Leaders in Chicago will be one of the lucky stores to carry the Yeezy’s. Still not sure of the price but if price is a factor you probably can’t afford them. For more info get in contact with Leaders. Leaders Downtown Chicago: 672 N. Wells Chicago, IL 60654 312.787.7144

Diamond Supply Co. – Spring ’09 Fitted Hat Preview

Here is a look at some of Diamond Supply Co’s fitted hats for their upcoming Spring ’09 line. They have a new “Rock” fitted and a lower case “D” fitted. These should be available soon at Diamond retailers soon. [StrictlyFitteds]

G-Shock GLX 5600 (Glide)

Here is a look at three new colorways of the G-Shock GLX 5600 otherwise known as the “Glide.”  They come in a White, Yellow, and Red colorway and are going for $110. Get one at CCS now. Check out more pictures below. [CtotheJL]

Flo Rida – R.O.O.T.S. – Coming Soon

You can say what you will about Flo Rida, one hit wonder, only makes songs for the girls, hip pop….. whatever.  This dude makes good f-ing music regardless, if i’m in the club or at some party i don’t want to hear no intellectual hip-hop or meaningful music, i just want to get down.  His first CD was bomb, i own it.  Needless to say i’ll be buying this one to.  You can pick it up here on March 31st, as well as your local BestBuy, etc.

Sneaktip X Slaughterhouse – Fresh New Tee

Slaughter House in case you didn’t know is a recently formed hip-hop group made up of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, & Royce Da 5’9″.  They teamed up with the company Sneaktip for this fresh @ss t-shirt.  So far just a preview, no word on availability or price, but we’ll keep ya posted. [The Evil Collector]

Lil’ Wayne – Hot Revolver – New Version

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM This is supposed to be the final version of Hot Revolver by Weezy F.  Cool & Dre on the chorus as well as its a bit longer then the original.  I think i like this more then Prom Queen, What do you guys think?

Featured Artist-Mike Leavitt

Give featured artist Mike Leavitt  recycled paper, glue, and acrlyic paint and he will turn it into things like this.  The details on some of these life-like kicks are amazing, they actually look better then the real thing.  Check out his entire gallery here.  More pics after jump.  [arrested motion]

Gucci ‘G Chrono Collection’ Watch

Hmmm. . . been wondering what to spend your tax refund on? Why not spend it all on something dope like this Gucci watch.  Screw the house payment brah, foreclosure is so ten years ago, there’s a reason they call it a bailout.  You gotta let your balls hang out during these times, let the economy know he’s your bitch, so get your swagger on for only $1795. Buy it here. [dailydrop]

Is It Wabbit Season?

Eh, What’s up Doc? Got some dope Jordans you need to check out, the Jordan “Hare” 1’s. The shoes have been talked about for quite some time but finally the first pictures are being leaked around the sneakerblogs.  The Air Jordan I “Hare” features Bugs Bunny doing the Jumpman pose on the tongue and has a fresh red/white/gray colorway. The first pair’s are being seen on eBay for $119.99. More pics after the jump. [sneakernews]

Official – Five Panel Campers

Official’s signature five panel campers for Spring/Summer 09 have dropped.  You can get them at their online store here.  And check out all the pics here:

Nike Air Max 1 Premium Microstripe

Good news for you sneakerheads who live in places like Kansas where there are no sneaker boutiques these Nike AM1 Premium Microstriped are now available at These kicks have a canvas upper which feature blue microstripes all over; my favorite part about these kicks though is the gum bottoms. Check out more pictures after the jump. [Sneakernews]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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