AROE Graffiti – MSK in the UK

Here are some nice pictures of some work  MSK member AROE recently did in the UK. I think it’s safe to say MSK basically runs the Graffiti game; all of their work is crazy detailed and just plain better than everyone else. Check  out some more pictures after the jump. [Follow the Coins]

Tech N9ne Ft. Crooked I & Chino XL – Sickology 101

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM Tech N9ne is probably the most slept on artists in recent history but i’m glad to see it isn’t slowing him down. If he ever comes to your town check out his show, they are crazy. Here is a new one off his upcoming album Sickology 101.

Nike Air Max Griffey 1 Infared Colorway

These are some real OG kicks right here, a few colorways have already been released but this Infared is probably my favorite . I’m not really sure when i would rock these but they would still be a nice addition to any collection. They are set to hit stores during the ’09 Holiday season and will most likely be available at Foot Locker.Check out some more pictures after the jump. [The Shoe Game]

Crooks & Castles “Gingham” New Era

These new Crooks & Castles “Gingham” Hats is one of my favorite New Eras they have released this season. They are now available in 2 colorways at Reed Space. Get it here.

New Lil Wayne & Julez Santana Tracks

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM Here is a couple of new tracks from Weezy and Julez off the “My Face Can’t Be Felt” Mixtape.

Light Calligraphy by Julien Breton

We’ve showed you some nassty light writing before, but never have we seen something like this.  Light writing taken to the next level by the likes of Julien Breton — showcasing impeccable form and insane control with the light sticks.  Check out his website, but more importantly, check this out:

Vanilla Pink Clothing – New Brand

Fresh out the UK comes a new streetwear brand, Vanilla Pink.  They’ve got some fun stuff for springtime you may want to check out.  Here is their website.  You can pick up their most recent line at Yukka, and check out more pics here: 


Official – Painters

Official just dropped their 09 Painters fitteds.  This one is a bit loud, but I still think it’s real fresh.  They have some more muted tones at their shop.

Puma “Monster Pack” @ Overkill

If you and your homies are looking for some new kicks to rock at your next photoshoot, I found a nice pack for you all.  Overkill just got the 5 pairs of the Puma Monster Pack in.  All excessively excessive and flashy.  My faves are the Moth Kings (above)… furry little guys that actually have a very nice moth wing pattern on the side.  But the pack contains some dragon-skin lookin ones, and some other fuzzy wuzzies as well.  Check out the whole pack here:


Asher Roth X Karmaloop – Giveaway Contest

I feel like showing Karmaloop a little more love.  Just so you know you can register to win some cool prizes in this contest.  There giving out 1 Undercrown X Asher Roth T-shirt as well as 10 autographed Asher Roth CD’s Asleep In The Bread Aisle.  You can register here.

New Kr3w Availabe At Karmaloop

Shorts always seem to be hard to find for me.  I’m pretty picky cause I’m not a huge fan of shorts other than athletic ones.  Kr3w just dropped some new ones which I really like, especially the blue ones, mad dope.  They have a bunch of other new stuff available on Karmaloop as well now.  Check out some other summer stuff after the jump as well as some discount and purchase info.


Reyes Bedroom

Our main man Reyes recently finished a job painting a Japanese flatbed, and to add a little icing on the cake… the room was nicely finished with a dizzy dope fine art piece on the wall.  If you got the game to pull a fine dame back to the crib, and you show her this bedroom… I would say with 88% certainty, you’d be getting a umm.. backrub the very next morning in that very bed.  Game over.  Check out Reyes’ website.  Check out more works from Reyes we have featured.  And check out more pics of this bed here:

Featured Artist – Alena Nikiforova

Naysayers can hate on the context all they want… but this is some damn good photography.  The liquid looks to me like it was all added in post production — which is quite impressive.  There are a lot of GREAT titilating photos here:

Nike Air Force 2 & Delta Force Vulcanized Hybrid

Nike is continuing with its release of Hybrids  in ’09 with these 2 new kicks.  Seen above is a Black Air Force 2 featuring a vulcanized sole with some purple accents as well as a White/Blue Delta force with a vulcanized sole. The new additions look great i hope the try this out on a few other models. [Hypebeast]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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