Featured Artist – Fourooms Design

Mixing strong talents in both photography and graphics design, Fourooms consistently puts out appealing and provocative works.  I will warn you, if you click the MORE DOPENESS link, you will see some boobs — I hope seeing such will not offend you.  You can’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Cam’Ron – Cookies & Some Apple Juice – New Single

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM New joint out from Killa Cam.  He’s been M-I-A for some time, so it’s good to see him back.  This is set to be on his new LP Crime Pays due out May 5th.  I’ve heard a few cuts from it, and so far i’m excited as could be for the album.  The only thing i don’t like is the corny chorus on this,  Apple Juuuiicceee!

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 ND – Coming Soon

Feelin’ a little funky?  Then these kicks are probably for you.  Every now & then, i do like to bust out with some pink.  The Air Pegasus has always been a clean, crisp model shoe.  I prefer the ’83 but these i could do as well.  They’re supposed to be dropping on April Fool’s Day for $88 at the 21 mercer location.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see their availability to open shortly after the release, we’ll keep ya posted.  [hypebeast]

Upper Playground X New Era – UPLB

Upper Playground just came up with a cool concept to create their own version of the MLB, the Upper Playground Leage Baseball (UPLB). Well it’s not really a league but they made about 12 New Era hats all featuring UPLB team logos. The league is made up of teams such as the Chicago Racketeers, the New York Pick Pockets, and the San Francisco Pan Handlers. Basically all the hats look pretty fly, take a closer look at all of them after the jump. [Freshnessmag]

Louis Vuitton X Skam

It looks like Louis Vuitton commissioned yet another graffiti artist to support another launch of their Steven Sprouse Collection. We already showed you their work with Reyes, this time LV hooked with Skam for the Toronto releases.  Check out Reyes’ site. Check out some pictures after the jump. [Highsnobiety]

Dancing Knives Coffee Tables

Some dope coffee tables on wheels.  ‘Nuff said.  Check out more models after the cut.  Check out the Dancing Knives site to get more info and to order.

Reyes LE Fitteds from 1333 Minna

Yesterday, we gave you a little preview of the new collab that artist Reyes is hooking up with LV to bring you.  From what we can tell, this collab is ’bout to be even more dope than the Stephen Sprouse collab.  Here’s the first Reyes product we’re showing… dropped on us by 1333 Minna — a collection of artists in San Fran.  You should really check out their website, which has a whole slew of products just like these.  And Reyes has a fresh lil site of his own.  Also, hit the jump for a couple other of our faves from 1333 Minna, as well as, a bigger preview of the Reyes X LV collab


Gold Knuckles Mug

Nothing is more sneakhype than something that goes hard, but yet, combines a functional, professional, ballin utility to such hardness.  I give to you… the brass nuckles mug.  Just imagine negotiating some deal with a dude across the desk.  He starts talkin some shit, so you pour your Irish coffee on him, turn that empty mug around, and give him an old fashioned sneakhype lickin’.  All this can be yours for 98 bucks.  It comes in black, red, and white.  We found this info via ctothejl.    You can find the link to buy and look at more pictures here


BBC/Ice Cream 2009 Spring/Summer February Releases

Check out some new releases from BBC/Ice Cream that are set to hit sores this weekend. They have a nice lineup for February including some casual graphical tees, windbreakers and some more sophisticated pieces like a blazer and a fresh gold tie. They are also coming out with some shades, which i haven’t seen from them, that will be available on Feb. 28 at the BBC/Ice Cream Hong Kong Store.  Check out some more picture after jump. [Hypebeast]

KiD CuDi – Drop (Freestyle)

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM New joint here from a kid named CuDi.  He uses Polow Da Don produced beat “Drop”.  Its pretty dope in my opinion, let me know what you think.


Feel Like Matchin’? Stussy Outfit – New Releases

If your like me, everything your wearing just in a certain outfit feels better if its all the same brand.  Well i put together this nice little get-up with some new releases from Stussy.  Ya go the fresh tee, sick hat, & dope belt, just throw on your favorite jeans and sneaks, your ready to roll.  Purchase info and the belt after the jump.

Rolls Royce 200EX – Stuntin Is A Habit….

Rolls Royce is getting ready unveil its newest experimental car at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd. They call it the 200 EX, it is a design study for a contemporary 4 door sedan and shows the direction for RR4, a new model series from Rolls Royce. The 200EX is more sleek and slim than Rolls Royce’s signature vehicle, the Phantom. It is set to be put in to prodcution in 2010, i would start saving now though.  Check out some more detailed pictures after the jump, you know you want too.


We contracted Van Geest Design to make us this here row-boat.  We told them that we wanted something that instantly made women rip their clothes off when they stepped on the deck.  I would say that they took such command quite well… bringing us this 85 meter concept that we are rather pleased with.  They quoted us a price, but apparently the candles in the above picture aren’t included in the quote, so I’m pretty pissed off about that — needless to say, the discussions are ongoing.  [bornrich]  While you wait for our deliberations to conclude, you can check out more pics

Nike Sportswear – Mowabb Shell Jacket

A great new shell jacket is coming from Nike Sportswear this season – this Mowabb Shell Jacket features an interesting all-over design with a grid print on top of it. It comes in three colorways and is now available at the honeyee.store

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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