Greedy Genius – Court Classic – Coming Soon

Greedy Geniu$ has a couple new colorways in a couple of their kicks getting ready to drop.  I’ve never been huge on their stuff, but these I really like.  The Apache & Midike both are coming out in these new colorways deemed “court classic”.  They’re expected to drop the first week of March.  There’s only going to be 100 Finish Line stores that will get these, so expect ‘em to go fast since they will be limited.  [The Evil Collector]

New NikeiD Styles Available

There’s 2 new kicks in at iD for you to trick out however you please.  The Lunartrainer+ (above) and the 6.0 Air Morgan Mid (hit the MORE DOPENESS link).  I am digging the trainers a lot, unfortunately not as much as I dig the hard-to-get-your-hands-on Lunar Racers that are oh-so fly.  Get your iD on over at  Send us some dizzy dope designs if you come up with any.  Check out some

ALIFE – Leather Everybody Mid Pro

I like ALIFE.  They’re certainly what’s new and hip and doin big things in our industry.  It’s very logo-centric/brand-centric — pretty simple otherwise, but there’s a lot to learn from that kind of work.  I’d like to see some more artistic stuff from them, but we’ll see what the future holds.  I’m just rambling now.  It’s that time of night.  You can get these kicks here.  You can also check out some nice looks here:

Inside The SNEAKHYPE Jet

While i was on the web in search of the freshest way to furnish the SNEAKHYPE jet i came across Swiss Air’s all new first class seats. Their attention to detail creates a comfortable and relaxing setting not usually found on airliners. The seats are all equipped with huge 23inch TVs, for your viewing and gaming pleasure. You can also plug in your own devices like iPods and other storage media via USB connectors. Satelite telephones and laptop mains are also featured on each armchair for people on the go. I hope this looks as good on our jet. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Featured Artist – Morten Andersen

No… not the retired place kicker that is the alltime leading scorer for both the Saints and the Falcons.  But yes, his name is spelled the exact same way.  I really like the way he seems to mix fine art with a gritty/street-art feel.  The color schemes are spot on — this is the kind of art that I would really like to have in my home.  You can buy framed prints here.  Check out another look:

adidas – Ecstacy Hi Tops

It’s been a while since we have heard anything from Adidas but we just got word that Atmos got a fresh pair of Adidas’s in some special colorways. The Ecstacy Hi Tops come in Black/Silver colorway and a Purple/White/Black colorway. The shoes feature a nice blend of leather and suede, the stripes on the side have been replaced the tre foil logo and the “adidas” on the heel has been enlarged considerably. These are available now at Atmos, checkout more pictures after the jump.

Focal XS Speaker System

iPod dock.  Matches the new iMacs.  Apparently the sound quality is off the hook and the chain.  You can get the system at the Apple Store, but it will set you back 60,000 pennies.  That’s six hundred bucks. [kineda]

Dior Sunglasses “Blow”

First off… wtf is this guy wearing?  He looks like he’s about to get his haircut, by his mom, because he’s 12.  And don’t even get me started on the sunglasses.  They call em “Blow”… what were they thinking?  This dude looks like he blows a lot of ______, so let’s name his sunglasses as such??  We “blow” at designing sunglasses??  Our prospective market of consumers is typically so rich that they have a lot of money to “blow” on “blow”??  Yup, that’s it.  [highsnobiety]  If you’re in the mood for more smug laughs, hit this link:

New Nike Sportswear Bags

New NSW bags in at 21 Mercer.  Lookin’ pretty prettttty classy.  “First off is the NSW Sport Duffel and to compliment the duffel is the NSW Cheyenne 2000 Backpack. Both of these bags feature anodized alluminum hardware and lock-stitching to ensure durability.”  Check em out at the 21 Mercer blog.  Closer look here:

Marcus Jordan’s Personal Stash

While searching the web for some fresh SNEAKHYPE content I keep coming across the one and only Marcus Jordan.  The youngest son of MJ and the only son that can actually ball, is being heavily recruited by the likes of LSU, FSU, and my personal favorite the U(Miami).  Recently Marcus has been making sneakerheads stare at his player exclusive Jordans. Take a look at some Air Jordan 9’s he has, there pretty dope, but when your Jordan’s son do you need to be posting videos Jordans you got?  I mean he could hit his dad on the celly anytime and order shoes like they were pizza’s.  More pics after the jump. [kicksonfire]

KryptoNATE Nike T-Shirts

Support KryptoNate with his new limited Nike T-Shirt.  Only 72 were made, 24 going to Nate’s family, but Nike House of Hoops got some in.  They are available now through eBay also. Don’t worry these are real got it straight from the source, Nike Talk which is real talk. [NT]

ALIFE x colette x Casio G-Shock

New ALIFE G-shock collaboration with colette.  The all white G-Shocks grabs your attention with it’s simplicity and color, not to mention its got the words ALIFE and Paris on the band.  It will be available through colette’s online store.  More pics after the jump. [hypebeast]

adidas ABoriginals

  adidas has it been 60 years already?  This year adidas is constantly reminding us of that by combining sneakers and art in unique videos.  Watch the video to see an artist makes an adidas shoe entirely out of beeds.  It’s dope. [shoegame]

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Mishka Spring 09 Now Available

We showed you these ridiculously fresh backpacks a while back, but now you can get it all from a website written in the English language…. not to say any other language is inferior… it’s just to say that in America, 98% of us don’t know any other language but our own.  Blame our 43rd president and our early childhood education — don’t blame the SNEAKHYPE.  Regardless, these products are ballin out; I want that backpack so bad.  Get all the new Mishka stuff here.  [via ctothejl]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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