Art Force One X Titolo – Custom Air Max 90’s

…just another pair of customs that you or I will probably never be able to get our hands on.  But this dude, Art Force One, has some real fresh stuff worth checking out.  He’s got 3 variations of the 90… it was hard for me to decide which is the dizziest of the dope… so be sure to hit the jump to see the other two.  These are on display at the Titolo store now.  [kicksonfire]  Check out the other two customs here:

Ville Berkel by Paul de Ruiter

You really need to check out the pics after the MORE DOPENESS link.  You’ll see a full glass bathroom that looks out at a waterfall, and dopeness all over the place.  Superduper sick. [archdaily]  For more pics and more info…


Plush Guns

This little design firm called doudoupop has made a whole series of plush firearms.  A couple of the handguns also serve as coinpurses.  You can pick em up at their online shop.  Check out a the whole arsenal here:

Davis by Ruthie Davis

Ladies, I’m not going to pretend to know anything about your shoes, but I do like a few of these quite a bit.  If you like ‘em… check out Ruthie Davis for more info.  Also, you may wanna hit the MORE DOPENESS link and you’ll see a shoe in the top left corner that looks an awful lot like some art that I did… so of course, it’s a bitchin shoe.

Asher Roth – Takeover (Freestyle)

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM New material from up & comer, Asher Roth.  He shows a lot promising signs, i can’t wait for the album due out in April.  I expect good things.

Jordan 2K9 – New Colorway – Coming Soon

So the new 2k9’s that recently came out are ugly, point blank period.  These right here though, these right here!  These is nasty boyyy!  This is a new colorway supposed to be dropping in April, April 4th to be exact.  Be on the lookout, we’ll keep you posted.  [23isback]

Obey – The Cool Mother F–ker Sunglasses

These are a new releases from Obey, they fit my description to the tee, cool motha sucka!  Anyways they’re new out, and i’m diggin’ them quite a bit.  You can pick these both up here for a reasonable price of 38 smackaroos.

Vans X Supreme – Spring 2009 Collection

Every time Supreme does a collab i usually pull one of these.  They always bring the heat no matter who they hook up with for whatever there doing.  This is supposed to be there spring of ’09 collection with Vans, another brand i love.  Look for these to drop soon, we’ll keep ya posted.  [hypebeast]

Seating by Denis Chigidin

More pics and info here:

Nike SB – Blazer Low Hybrid – Dr. Marten

Part of the March releases from SB.  Nice little dress sneaker for those of you (like myself) who consider the “casual” in “business casual” to mean that you can wear dress sneakers with your Dickies.   These are available for online purchase at PTNCshop.  Check out all the pictures here

Artemide – Mezzachimera Table Light

I’m a sucker for swanky lighting.  I mean, you can’t set the mood without the right lights.  Well, the second half of Pistons v Magic is on, so I’ll just give you the link to buy here: Panik Design. [retrotogo]

XLarge – Spring 09 Shades

I think these white ones are quite fly.  I think my sneakhypin brosefs that rock Greek living might like the anchor logo on the outside of the stem.  Coming soon to Calif.  Check out more detailed pics below. [highsnobiety]

Supreme X Damien – Hirst Decks

The story around the net is not so much about these decks, but more about some exclusive interview that a magazine did with the creator of Supreme.  Well, to be honest, I don’t so much give a shit about that shit.  I just like these skate decks.  I want this series on my bathroom wall.  You can read the interview here.  Unfortunately the decks aren’t available yet, but you can check out other Supreme stuff in the meantime. [highsnobiety]

Amongst Friends – Spring 09 New Eras

Pretty slick lineup of fitteds from Amongst Friends.  If this polka dot is a bit too dough boy for ya, check out some muted tones after the jump.  Available at Standard.  [ctothejl]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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