Johnny Cupcakes – Back To The Future T-Shirt

Johnny Cupcakes recently came out with this ultra exclusive “Back To The Future” T-Shirt. The T’s are limited to 60 pieces and each one is numbered to guaranteed authenticity. They will be available in-store and online, check out Johnny Cupcakes website right here. [ClotheJL]

Nike Blazer – Supreme Tier Zero

Nike Blazer’s, which were first released in 1972, have become some of the most popular kicks among sneakerheads today. These Tier Zero Blazers are very simple coming in a Black/White colorway, the swoosh is perforated instead of the normal swoosh. The shoe is made up of  premium leather that looks to be soft to the touch. Blazer’s are some of my favorite kicks and i am a fan of just about every pair but these look like some high quality kicks. Look for these to be released January 31st. [Kicksonfire]

DC X Lemar & Dauley Admiral

Here some pictures of the much anticipated Lemar & Dauley X DC collaboration. The Admiral is a slim hi-top sneaker which comes in two colorways. The kicks have a beach-meets-city theme; they feature metal plate embossed with braille on the ankle, and reflective tape-like material which is supposed represent “touch and sight, both of which are necessary human senses when in the water.” This definitely a new look for DC shoes but i think the design looks great overall, Lemar & Dauley know what they are doing. These will be released Feb. 1st and sell for &150. Check out more pictures after the jump. [Complex]

IPath T-Shirts – Follow Your Path

Check at some of these IPath threads, they are made with organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials. The shirts make it easy to stay fly while saving the universe, not too mention most of the shirts cost around $15.00. More pictures and purchasing info after the jump.

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Asics X Patta – Gel Lyte Speed Backpacks

First came the shoes, then came the jackets, then came the baby in the baby carriage.  Scratch that, now comes the matching packs.  I want all 9 items.  Each pack, each jacket, and all the matching pairs of kicks.  Well done Patta and Asics… again.  So, if you buy a pair of shoes for 200, you get the pack, but you gotta buy the jacket separately.  You can find the list of select retailers from our source: [hypebeast] Get an in your face look after the jump.

Mishka – Spring 09 Accessories

That’s it.  I’m enrolling in Japanese next semester.  I just need to know enough to be able to translate the Japanese webpages that get all the fly gear in before anyone else.  All this stuff is available here.  [highsnobiety] Check out all the goods below.


Featured Book – Art & Sole

So much eye candy in this book.  There’s shoes/collabs in here I’ve never even heard of.  There’s a great review on it over here at core77.  You can pick up the book for 20 bucks. [heyday] Lots of great pics and link to buy below.

Heyday Footwear – Super Shifts

The Super Shifts have a removable snap on ankle strap which can be worn 4 ways, premium soft tumbled leather, full leather lining, 2 sets of laces (round waxed and flat) and a full length memory foam footbed and will drop in June for $164.99.  Check out their line of kicks that are currently available here. Check out more detailed pics/alternate colorways after the jump.

New Evolved Footwear

Our Friends at Evolved Footwear just came out with another pair of custom kicks. This time they used a pair of White on White forces as the canvas, the shoes feature some pink accents and of course the Black speckle paint on the shoe and laces. It is a pretty simple design but it looks dope. Check out their site here.

Nike Air Force II High Premium – Gucci

Check out these Nike Air Force II High Premiums in a Gucci.  Usually wannabe Gucci products lack the same quality as the real thing but Nike hooked this shoe up with premium leather and paisley material’s on the side. i not usually a fan of the AF2 but these are dope. [sneakernews]

Gucci Loafers

These are my go-outside-to-pick-up-the-wall-street-journal kicks as I drink my espresso out my pimp cup rockin my purple satin robe.  They, too can be yours for just a smidgen over 6 hundo.  [fluxuryb] Link to buy below.

The Hundreds – Huge Online Sale

The Hundreds, 50% off entire store.  ‘Nuff Said!! [via The Evil Collector]

Diamond Supply Co. – Diamond Eyes Crewneck

Curious Case of Benjamin Bradley Button Pitt can curiously kiss my ass that lucky son of a bitch.  Angelina, I know you’re reading this… I love you.  I can give you everything you want.  I have so many fresh kicks… what’s Brad have?  Nothing.  He’s only getting older, girl.  I’m so youthful and fertile. This crewneck releases tomorrow morning at 3pm Eastern.  You can only get it at the Diamond online shop.  Limited to 150 pieces.  [ctothejl] Link to buy after the jump.

New Ato Cow Hide Boots

Here is a preview of the new Spring/Summer line of the Ato Cow Hide boot. Usually the Cow Hide’s, which were made popular by Kanye West, only come in solid monochromatic colors but this time the kicks come in some great colorways just in time for spring. Check out more pictures after the jump. [Kanyeunivercity]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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