Huf X New Era Anchor Hat

Peep these fresh Huf New Era Caps. This fitted Huf anchor hat comes in the 3 colorways featured above and is set to release this Saturday at Huf LA and Huf SF.

New Bathing Ape Kicks

A Bathing Ape just came out with some new kicks for the Holiday season. These kicks are some retro inspired hi-top basketball kicks. Personally i have not been impressed with BAPE’s kicks as of late but these are a little better than other releases. They come in a bunch of colorways too and have just been released in Asia. [Hypebeast]

Nixon’s Exclusive Barney’s Holiday Collection

Nixon has just released some premium watches for the Holidays which are exclusive to Barney’s Co-Op Stores. The watches are all lookin classy as always. They are available with leather, hemp, or metal watch bands. Some of the watches even come with real turquoise stones in them. Check them out at the Barney’s online store here.

New Air Max’s

Here is a look at some new Air Max remakes. Nike stuck with a classic Grey/Blue colorway. I’m really diggin these kicks, they are simple but hella dope. They are available at Size?[Via Highsnobiety]


Prada Phone + Watch

This looks frikkin sweet. LG hooked up with Prada and made this dopeshow phone with slideout keyboard and 5 megapixel camera. The whole front is a touch screen, much like the iPhone I would imagine. But here’s the kicker… the thing comes with this sleek watch that allows you to read text messages and see who’s calling you just by looking at your watch. SICK. They need to come out with an iWatch that does this, but in the meantime, if you wanna ball unlike any other baller around, this phone/watch combo is a must have. The whole set costs only 1200 bucks, which is pretty good for prada. Watch this flash promo; it will change your life. (acquire)

Design Your Own Rolex (only 12 G’s)

You like NikeiD? I do. Now what if you could do the same thing, but with a Rolex? Well now you can courtesy of Bamford Watch Department. It will cost you 12 thousand bucks, but come on… could you think of anything better to spend that kind of money on? The answer is no. Do it now right here. (via acquire)

Featured Artist – Lichtfaktor

You may have heard of these fools before, or at least be familiar with the genre of art. I think we even put up their stuff before. But these guys are probably the best light graffiti artists in the world. Gotta give them the respect they deserve as they keep putting out more and more progressive stuff. Check out lichtfaktor’s website here.

123Klan Toys

I’m lovin what they got written on them: “Eat Cheese” or “I Love Meat” and “Thug Life”. Brilliant. You won’t find these anywhere else. These are fresh from the mold, 123Klan toys. Check out the full line of new toys here. But you can check out all their products (tees, art, etc.) at 123Klan’s website.

Crooks – Mummy Bandito Tee

Nothing says “I’m cool” more than Medusa’s face wrapped up in a mummy bandana. New from Crooks and Castles for their Holiday line. Check out more of our crooks picks here. Buy this shirt here for 32.


Rick Ross Luxury Tax Clothing Line

Rick Ross has started a new clothing line, Luxury Tax.  As we all know Ross the Boss is a entrepreneurial genius helping the poor by trafficking large amounts of cocaine and still having to time help underprivileged youth as a correctional officer.   Oh yea he raps a little on the side too, but expect check out the full line of clothing soon.  These are the only pictures we can find so far, but expect more soon.

Puma Yo! MTV Raps

Karmaloop just got these Puma Yo! MTV Raps low-top steppers in. These kicks are usually pretty hard to find and end up selling for big prices on ebay. I’m sure these will go quick so get them quick at Karmaloop.

Fianl Home X G-Shock

aFinal Home got together with g-shock to work on these two watches coming in white and black. All the watches come in a simple design and were inspired from rescue bracelets. They are available now at Caliroots. [Via Highsnobiety]

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Ndeur Pumps

Ladies… here’s what you need to put on your x-mas list right here. These Nduer pumps… mad exclusive and so so fresh. Check out this artist’s portfolio here, and scroll down for more stuff from them that they did with Vans.


Vans X Ndeur

Whoa. So that’s what it feels like to have your mind blown. Ndeur is straight off the chain and onto the hook and then off the hook again… or something. Crazy like dem kicks. They’re not for sale officially, but money can buy anything, so you can get in touch with the artist here, and if you have to have them and also have a few G’s layin around, I’m sure y’all can work something out.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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