Happy Halloween from Insa Heels

I got this in my inbox this morning; I thought it was awesome. We showed you an Insa Heels post a while ago… I love this company, they make only the flyest heels for only the baddest b*tches. I’m telling you girls, if you buy these shoes, you will get all the dope boys. Check out their site. Happy Halloween! Thanks to Insa for the email.

Dubai’s New Tower Houses Resturaunt at 2,150 ft in a Glass Pod

Alright lets talk about Dubai for a second, its one of the seven emirates and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. The place is sick, so rich off oil and is breaking records with their futuristic architecture. They’re putting billions in these places in hopes to make Dubai a tourism hot spot. Heard of the Burj Al Arab? shit it’s only a seven-star hotel. Roger Federer plays tennis on the roof. The World Island? a man made island that actually looks like the world. Oh yea they also have the Palm Trilogy, three more man made islands, one can house over a million people. The list goes on but plans of a brand new project have come out. Its a Tower that houses a restaurant in a glass pod while 2150 feet in the air. Yes the future is here people it’s looking dooooopppee.

Tendency – CHR Mystery Watches

Check out these classy yet oh so fresh timepieces from Tendency. They’re called the Round Gulliver CHR Mysteries. Pretty weak name I must say. I would call it “The Ohso Watch” because it is oh so fresh. Regardless, the all black one is 750 euro and the other two are like 250 euro. You can get them here. [via selectism]

Dave White-The Courts a Battlefield Exhibit

Dave White and Trust Nobody hooked up for a sick collection. Its called “The Courts a Battlefield Exhibit” and the work is amazing. See more Dave White now.

New Clae Kicks

Clae footwear just came out with some new kicks, my favorite of which is seen above. This “Russel” shoe comes in a cool new colorway that im really diggin’. I like the Grey mixed with the light blue, these sneakers would go great with some nice jeans. These shoes are made with a nice mix of leather and Nylon. They cost $130.00 and you can get them here.

Nooka X LTD Magazine Watch

Nooka has been leading the way on new watches for a while now, so it’s no suprise that they hooked up LTD magazine for another masterpiece. The geometry of the watch is wonderful and a real eye-pleaser. Check it via highsnobiety.

KAWS X Marc Jacobs

Women’s Fashion is not usual my thing and I’m no Sean Avery but when Marc Jacobs and Kaws come together to create something it’s gotta be posted. Check out these sleek black women’s shoes with pink KAWS stitching. Imagine these on a dime piece, dayyyuuuummm.

Nike 1World AF1 – LaDainian Tomlinson

These are the new Nike 1World AF1’s designed by LaDainian Tomlinson. They come in a white and baby blue color scheme and are made of a white premium leather croc print . They also feature a clear blue sole. These kicks were originally only available on the west coast but they have now made it to Major DC. You can get them here.

New Jordan Six Rings Colorway

here i slook at some new Jordan Six ring colorways. These 6 sings come in a more simple color sheme, Grey/Black/Dark Army/Red. These are set to be released on November 8th and will be priced at $160.00.

New Alife Everybody "Lumberjacks"

Here is a good look at the latest sneakers released by Alife, the flagship Everybody Hi “Lumberjack” edition. This lumberjack print seems to be the new and cool thing as of late. I’m not sure if i could pull if off. But if you think you can you can pick them up at select Alife retailers.

Stussy "International Stussy Tribe" Varsity Jacket

Back in the day Stussy had what they called the Tribe Culture. Different cities around the country were assigned different tribes, and each tribe got their own Varsity jacket. Stussy decided to release this International Stussy Tribe Jacket to bring back a little of the myth. These were just released in Japan.

New Undefeated Hats

These New Era hats are part of Undefeated’s Fall 2008 Collection. This series of caps is made out of fleece and consists of three hats all featuring the Undefeated logo. These caps will be released in Japan on November 1st.

Original Fake Autumn/Winter Gloves

Original Fake just released these gloves for the Winter. At first look these are so dope, the classic design with of course the Kaws Logo. Collete has them avaliable now.


The North Face Purple Label Herringbone Collection

I use to be a huge fan of North Face, their clothing is fresh, and their gear is top of the line. Sadly I moved to lawrence and going to KU you realize every other person has a North Face jacket. Sneakhype wants you to stand out from the crowd so we found some unique backpacks for this season, North Face just released thier Purple Label Herringbone Collection. see more via highsnobiety.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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