New Kidrobot Toys

Kidrobot will be releasing some new figurines next month for their fall line of PEECOL toys. One of the first to be dropped will be the PEECOL version of Hugh Hefner wearing his signature red smoking jacket and sailor hat. Along with Hugh, Kidrobot will release the 1978 Miss November, Monique St. Pierre, in Toy form as well. Look for these to be released at Kidrobot next month.[Via Highsnobiety]

Nike Hyperdunks – McDonald’s All-American

The Nike Hyperdunks experienced popularity and success and due to this have been subject to many releases. The Hyperdunks pictured above are the McDonald’s All-American version. They are made specifically for the All-American High School players. I never thought the McDonald’s colors would look so good on a pair of sneakers. These kicks will probably be hard to come by, eBay might be your best bet.[Via 3D Sneaker]

Nike Air Force 1 – Squeaky Clean

Here is a look at an exceptionally fresh pair of Air Force 1’s. I am a huge fan of Force’s, they are by far my favorite shoe. This pair is put together very well, not too flashy but they aren’t too plain, and the color scheme will go well with most outfits. They feature a Grey leather heal and mid-sole, and white leather on the toe. They are also moderately priced at $85.00 and can be bought at your local shoe store.

Featured Artist – Phil Dunne

I’m liking a lot of the stuff I’m seeing from Phil. His art seems very natural and relaxed, just like he’s just being himself; not trying to do too much or be anything that’s not actually him. One of these images is courtesy of Depthcore. The others are from Phil Dunne’s personal website:

Scifen – New Shirts

Couple newbs here from Scifen. I like the Scifenus Maximus one. I just think that’s funny. It’s 26 here. There’s also the white Burner T which is 36 USD and you can get it here. It also comes in blue here.

Kallusive – The Gorilla Tactics T

Here’s the first Kallusive T we dropped. Sick. This one is perhaps equally sick. The one thing that I’m not diggin’ too much about Kallusive clothing is that they have many shirts with lots of text on them… this text is trying to get all “deep” and whatnot. I feel like they have a designated stoner to write this stuff up. If I were to get in touch with the Kallusive guys, I would tell them: Your clothes are some of the freshest I’ve seen in a good minute, let them speak for themselves; don’t try to define their messages with explicit explanations. Let it be and let it be fresh, son. Get this T here for 35.

LRG – 2 Minutes from Midnight Jacket

This jacket right here is called “The 2 Minutes from Midnight Jacket”, and for good reason. LRG created this ultra-flashy jacket that ways over 30 pounds and cost $2000.00. That is a large price tag for a jacket you can only wear on special occasions. The jacket features tons of gold studs, satin interior lining, and leather accents. This jacket is definitely not for everyone but if you got some serious swag and think you can rock it, you can get it here.

i-D Magazine/Kaws

i-D Magazine hooked with Kaws for their recent issue, it includes some of your favorite rappers like Kanye, Pharrell, Lil Wayne. The artwork blows my mind, the combo of hip hop and art makes something special. Check out i-D magazine now.

New Rogue Status "Gun Show" T-shirt

Rogue Status just came out with a new version of the “Gun Show” shirt. The “Gun Show” design has made Rogue Status very popular. The shirt pictured above features the all-over gun print as well as the the Rogue Status Logo. In other Rogue Status news, Travis Barker was involved in a deadly plane crash but escaped with his life. [Via In4mants].


New Fitteds @ MYSHIRTSCO: NEW ERA「CHICAGO BULLS」Custom 59Fifty Cap

The release of the Black Cement AF1’s is arriving soon, so I have the hat to match the kicks. This Chicago New Era Custom 59Fifty Cap has a one of a kind cement brim, with Bulls colors. Check out this and more hats at strictlyfitteds.

Featured Artist-Kaws

Kaws is an incredible artist, a Sneakhype favorite. He has defined Urban Art for over 10 years and is rising in popularity. He first started in New York changing billboards and adding the Kaws touch, X’s over the eyes. He is very popular, you might of seen Pharells chain I posted a week ago, that was made by Kaws. Check out his site and all he has to offer now.

New BBC Gear

BBC is continuing to release fresh items for their Fall line. These new articles were just released on the BBC site. The new “B” logo hat is a collaboration with New Era and the “Wealth Club” is a brand new design from BBC. They should be for sale at their online store shortly.

Kidrobot New Fall Line

Kidrobot just came out with some new products for their Fall Line. As usual, the line features a lot of creative logo T-shirts as well as some Jackets and Hats. I think the new line is looking great. You can check out the rest of the line or buy it here.

Reebok Pay Dirt Hi-Tops

Reebok dug deep into the closet to bring these old school sneakers back to life. These Chunky Hi-top’s are called the Pay Dirt Hi-Top’s. They feature a nice Red/Black/White color scheme. These sporty pumps look they could be used for sports as well as hiking in the woods. A release date has not been set yet. Via Sneakerfreaker.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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