Nike Sportswear Berlin In Store Look

I think we have posted on pretty much every Nike Sportswear Store but its for a reason. Nike has put a lot of work into creating these one of a kind stores. The design have raised the bar for shoe stores across the world. Take a look at the Berlin Store its my favorite one yet. More on Nike Sportswear at Hypebeast.

Fitted Hawaii Knows Whats up

Fitted Hawaii just got a fresh stock of New Era Fitteds. These MLB hats pay homage to San Fransisco Giants and the old Philadephia Athletics. Both come in fresh colorways and are available now. The “When The Morning Comes” tee features an image of the majestic Ko’olau Mountains and is so dope. Get em before there gone at Fitted Hawaii

Moooi – Dear Ingo by Ron Gilad

If you didn’t already know, sneakhype has probably the most superb taste in lights and light fixtures of any sophisticated/urban/modern/youth/bomb-diggity lifestyle culture blog you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me? Check it. And not to out-do ourselves, here you see this spider-like chandelier made out of desk-lamps… thing. You can order it here.

New Star Wars Shirts by Marc Ecko

I am not a fan of Ecko really at all. I don’t think they’re terrible, they just don’t really do it for me. I do, however, like these t-shirts a lot… probably because they have nothing to do with Ecko’s corporate identity whatsoever. This black shirt with the trooper on it is right on. Got to love the baby blue and hot pink color scheme. Check them all out (plus others) and buy them here.

5 Icons 5 Remixers from Nike Sportswear

Nike has some art/exhibition thing going in in Berlin, and these are a few of the first looks at what is coming out of it. I’m really not too sure what is going on, I just know it’s in Berlin and Nike’s doing it, and these pictures are pretty sweet and totally sneakhype as they mix art with fashion. I got the images and this scant information from highsnobiety here.


New Women’s Luxirie by LRG

Luxirie has new t-shirts and jackets in. To be honest, these were the only two that I really liked, but my taste in women’s clothing isn’t exactly a professional one, so… perhaps you may like checking out some of the other Luxirie clothes here. If, however, you like either of these styles, you can get the “unleash your inner beast” t-shirt here. And you can get the “hustler’s spree” hoody here.


Dizel&State – Limited Wall Prints

Get yours while supplies last. 30 of each style are available. Custom print to size. Superfly. Check them out here. It’s one of those pesky flash websites, so you have to click “Store” and then from the menu, select “wallprints.” They have lots of other dope stuff. They have some fresh t-shirts, however, they are sold out of every style they make right now. We’ll keep you posted if we hear that they get more shirts in.

Citizen Independent Retrograde Watch

This watch is pretty clean, however, the only place where we know to get it is sold out of them. It’s made by Independent which is a part of Citizen watches, so it’s quality. It goes for 250 bucks when it’s available. If you really like it you can bookmark this page and check back every so often until you can get your hands on one.


Skullcandy Holua Headphones

These Holua headphones by Skullcandy are new for this year and are made of real wood, come in a wooden carrying case, and you can get either of the two colors with gold, white, or silver chord. I have a pair of Skullcandy headphones that aren’t nearly as cool as these, however, they are still, hands down, some of the best in-ear headphones I’ve ever tried out. I got them to replace my stock iPod headphones that just hurt the inside of my ears. Not only are my Skullcandy ones way more comfortable, but the sound quality is much better as well. They are 100 dollars and you can buy them here.

The Jordan 18/5 Countdown Package Drops Today

The Jordan 18/5 countdown package is dropping today. They are going to be going fast so you should get yours quick. They are priced at around $315.00 dollars. You can get them at 23isback’s online store.

Internal Affairs x Dalek x Triumvir

I am usually not the biggest fan of Triumvir but these T’s hit the spot! Triumvir has hooked up with Internal Affairs and artist Dalek (aka James Marshall). To celebrate the Internal Affairs’ upcoming album release, four different colored 12″ LPs will release. In a pack, two Dalek-designed t-shirts are accompanied by LPs in the following colors, black (general release), clear (Triumvir), blue (Internal Affairs) and green (Dalek). Check Triumvir.com for more details.

Undercrown X Mos Def

Undercrown and Mos Def have teamed up for a special collection, dealing with solid designs as influence. Mos Def and Creative Director of Undercrown Dustin Canalin have created quite a buzz in urban/street lifestyle industry. It should be one of the most coveted collections out this year. For more pics check out DNRs exclusive review on it.

Nike Air Force 1’s Olympics Closing Ceremony

The Olympics are already almost over, with Micheal Phelps winning 8 Gold medals to the embarrassing bronze finish in boxing, USA has seen its ups and downs. For the star studded closing cermony including David Beckham, Nike wanted to end the games with a bang and to Celebrate they have made a special edition of Air Forces 1’s. Gold was the obvious color of choice for the shoe which helped create a style we at Sneakhype have never seen before. Check it Out at HypeBeast.


New Womens Fall Line From Crooks n’ Casltes

Yesterday we showed you the upcoming Mens Fall line from Crooks and Castles and they just released these pictures of the Womens Line today. The Womens shirt feature similar designs with different color schemes and a few added details. These will also be sold at the 8021 flagship store, and maybe a few online as well. Check out their online store here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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