Akomplice "NWA" T-shirt

This shirt goes hard. I know everyone remembers this from the cover of NWA’s album. Akomplice put it on T-shirt for all the real fans to show off. You can get this at Leaders.

New Benny Gold Fitted "Dough Boy" Hat

Here is look at Benny Gold’s latest New Era fitted’s. This cap is called the “Dough Boy” and will be part of the new fall/winter line which will be droppin soon. These hats are all satin lined and feature argyle print on the bottom side of the bill. It will be available soon in the two colorways seen above soon. Get more info here.

New Kanye West Video

Kanye just released his new video for Good Morning. Takashi Murakami helped with the animation of this video. It’s not too hard to tell though the whole video is based off his Album artwork off of Graduation.

New Bape Baby Milo T-shirt

Due to popular demand BAPE has released a new version of their Baby Milo AZ animals T-shirt. It comes in black and white colorways both featuring gold print on the front. These are available at all BAPE store locations including the LA and NY stores.

New Alife Kicks

Alife just came out with 2 new pairs of kicks. The shoes featured at the top of the page are called the “Everybody High” shoes. They feature Alife and NYC leather patches on the side of the shoe.The pair of shoes pictured on the bottom are called the “Chucks”. These High-Tops are more casual than the ones on the top. They feature black suede on the top and the blue bottoms give the shoes some life. Both pairs of these kicks are available at Caliroots here, and will be available at Alife locations everywhere.

Major X New Era

Major DC just released another one. They are known for there hats and for good reason. They just released this Fitted New Era hat that features there logo on the front, their flag on the side, and the 3 stars on the back. It comes in a nice Dark Blue and Red colorway. Its on sale at Major’s online store. Check it out here.

Quiksilver – The Ray

This bad baby comes out in November. I’m not sure how you tell time on it when it’s between 3 and 9 o’clock, but who cares…? This thing is clean as clean gets. The price has yet to be released as well, but I bet it’s going to be really expensive because they’re only making 1000. It’s all eco-friendly or something. All the materials are organic or recycled, and the production was all green too. I doubt it will be worth the price, but if I ever see you on the street wearing one I will definitely give you props. Get all the information here.

Featured Artist – Jarod Farver

Our featured artist today is Jarod Farver who grew up in Kansas and is a long-time friend of Sneakhypes. Jarod has been painting since the young age of 8 years old. He sold his first piece of work at the age of twelve and has been honing his skills ever since. With help from his mentors he has learned various painting techniques and in the process developed his own very unique style of painting. His work is sold and exhibited in galleries all over the nation. Jarod recently relocated to Denver where he changed his style and began integrating his love for music as well as experimenting with modern art. I think his work is dope. His style is totally different than a lot of art you see these days. His work is filled with a lot of different colors, materials, textures, and creativity. If you would like to see more of his work or get into contact with Jarod Farver you can check it his Myspace here or check out his site here.

Featured Artist – ilovedust

Ilovedust is our featured artist, and I absolutely love his work. Ilovedust is a graphic design studio located in South England. Some of their clientel includes Adobe,Nike Jordan, Lucas Films, Pepsi, and Beyonce. They are the best designers in the game right now. Check out Ilovedust website for thier whole portfolio.

Orisue – The Addiction Tee

This is new tee by Orisue. This brand is growing on me even though i’m not totally sure how to pronounce the name. They got some really cool stuff though. Check out there site here or buy this one here.


Obey – The Blackout Hoody

Pretty fresh jacket here for the ladies. I wish they made this hoody for guys, because I would definitely rock it. You can see that the Obey logo is different than it normally is… I assume to fit the “lightning bolt” theme of the jacket. The logo is embroidered. You can buy it for 56 dollars here.

New Reebok Omni Lite LUX edition

Major DC just got these Reebok Omni Lite’s in today. These LUX versions of the Omni Lite feature fake snakeskin and gold accenting on a tan leather base. Not sure how much these are goin for yet but we will keep you posted. Check em out here.

New Nike Boots

Winter is coming up and i don’t know about you but i hate wearing my fresh kicks out in the sleet, snow, and mud. So i did the smart thing copped a pair of Nike Boots. Now you should do the smart thing and get like me. Lucky for you Goliath NY just got some Nike Boots in. They got the Air Max 97 boot as well as the ACG boot. At first they may not be too easy on the eyes but trust me they are worth it and most importantly how many other people do you think are gonna have these? Check em’ out here.

On Tour Fall/Winter 2008 "Cosmic Crack" Collection

On Tour has come out with a great collection for Fall/Winter 2008. Teaming up with Dutch Artist Cosmic Crack it seems very space like. The design were made very old school, now computers just pure skill and the result is gangster. Check out the whole collection of On Tour now.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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