Crooked – Crooks and Castles Biker Hoody

Sneakhype is keeping you one step ahead of the game. Fall is closer than you think and before you know it, it will be jacket season. This new and exclusive Crooks and Castles jacket, Check out other jackets by Crooks and Castles or by this one, here.


Keep your sneaks fresh

Don’t you hate wearing your brand freshest pair of kicks out for a night on the town and getting them all scuffed, smugged, and dirty? Those days are over. With the original Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution cleaning kit you can remove practically any damage done to your favorite shoes. The kit comes with a 2 0z. bottle of solution, a handcrafted cleaning brush, a medium bristle toothbrush, a microfiber towel, and a pair of socks. The kit comes in a specially designed shoe box. Get more life out of you sneaker, purchase this kit here.

Undercrwn – Only one t-shirt

I’m sure everyone remembers the “There Can Be Only One” commercials from this years NBA Finals. Inspired by those commercials, Undrcrwn created this great “Only One” T-shirt, with 2pac and Biggie on it. Undrcrwn has a lot of other creative material at their website. This shirt, and others, are available for purchase at Ubiq.

Art Gallery – is pretty sweet. Sometimes they have some stuff that is a bit whack, but they put together a solid gallery with “pack releases”, which are essentially themed galleries. They come up with these packs sometimes bi-monthly, sometimes quarterly, sometimes monthly. But if you’re looking to kill some time and are in need of a new wallpaper or some prints for your bedroom… check them out. You may remember a post about Theo Aartsma… I found out about him through depthcore, and he is featured in their newest pack release.

The Holy Grail X Estate

Premium hat producers, Estate LA, has teamed up with The Holy Grail to make an ultra exclusive hat that reps the city of Los Angeles to the fullest. 4 color schemes were chosen for the LA “bones” hat, and 12 of each color were produced.To say the least these hats are very hard to get a hold of. But Estate LA, which was founded in 2005, has teamed up with many other companies to produce other amazing caps that are easier to get your hands on. The cool thing about Estate is that their hats are all designed, sourced, and assembled in LA. They also take a lot of pride in not only their designs, but how well their hats are manufactured.


Tokidoki – Amica Large Tote

I don’t know much about girls’ accessories, but I do know that this bag is pretty fly, and it comes with the lil keychain. Yeah yeah ladies… I know you don’t care what anyone else thinks, but I’m gonna tell you what sneakhype thinks anyway. If you’re going to spend 300 bucks on a bag, why would you buy one that looks like every other damn bag that every other girl and her mom (literally) has? PLUS, everyone’s just going to think it’s fake anyways. Why not just get something mad fly for a lot less? You can and you should.


Featured Artist – Louis Poulsen

I know… I know… I’ve been posting a lot a lot of light fixtures. But read the description folks, we are sneakhype: your daily galleria of all things fresh. And these lights are nothing short of fresh. Don’t like it, scroll down. Like it? Check out Louis Poulsen’s full portfolio.

We here at Sneakhype have posted a few sweet Nixon watches in the past but they were all a bit pricey. Nixon also offers nice assortment of less expensive but well made digital and analog watches. Check out more here.

6.0 – Air Zoom Oncore

I just copped a purr of these at Niketown while I’m in Denver, and I figure… shooot… if they good enough for my feet, they’s good enough for a sneakhype post. They come with neon green laces to swap out if you so choose. Nike is coming on pretty strong with their 6.0’s and SB’s. Check out what they got.

Sneakhype on the Scene – DENVER

Sneakhype’s all over the world, but as of today… we’re in Denver, checkin out some spots and came across a gem de la creme shoppe called PISMO — a fine art gallery that features mostly glass from the best artists around the world. I recently gave Lino Tagliapierta a Featured Artist post not two days ago, and what do you know, PISMO had 4 Lino orginals… each going for 50 – 60 thousand bucks. The 4 stepped pieces are from Lino, and the walled glass plates are from Chihuly. Sooo dope. They had a painting in this store going for $160,000. The combined worth of the 3 photos I took and posted here totals roughly nine hundred fifty thousand dollars. Pocket change. Check out more at pismo’s site.


Kasa Digitalia – House de la Dopeness

This is an exhibit space designed by Karim Rashid for Abet Laminati. Abet Lamanati… we like to party. La da da dee. Get the scoop from Contract Magazine.


Let There Be Light

Leave it to sneakhype to bring you the sickest light fixtures you’ve ever seen in your entire life. I challenge any reader of sneakhype to find a fresher fixture. Please please please, if you believe that you know of light fixtures that can top these Andromeda Murano light elements from Italy, email eg [at] sneakhype [dot] com and show me what you got. I can’t imagine they’re sexier than these bad babies. Click the link to see even more of these lights… their portfolio is seriously insane.


USB Cuff Links

Now this is pretty James Bond like ,these USB Cuff Links were made by german designers Tonia Welter and Julia Reymann,they have a 2GB of internal storage. The Cuff Links are made from high-quality materials like white gold and palladium. this is Stuntin like a stunna check it out at Plunder Tech.


Mighty Healthy X New Era

Mighty Healthy just stocked up Karmaloop. Rep Chi town with this Bucktown hat, or stay classy with black hat. Check out the Mighty Healthy hats at karmaloop

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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