Featured Designer – Isamu Noguchi

How come all dope designers and artists have dope names? Isamu Noguchi, Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapierta. It’s like the doper the name, the dopiest the design. This table comes in a few finishes, and you can buy it here, along with lots of other stuff made by Noguchi. This guy makes everything from spoons ($90) to sofas ($10,000). The table’s only a couple G’s though.

The Represenitives from Lawrence, Kansas

The 3 coolest rookies in the NBA are pictured here wearing some sick shoes (except Arthur). As you can see Rush is wearing some of the AJF 3’s while Chalmers opted to wear the black and white AJF 12’s. Arthur must have forgotten his kicks or something. This picture is from the rookie photo shoot that went down a few days ago. If I were to guess who is going to do the best this season I would have to vote Mario, especially if he starts at the point for MIA. He does not have a number yet because he is trying to get 13 which is currently held by Alexander Johnson. Sneakhype will keep you posted on their NBA status, as well as their kicks – The Chronnoisseur


Hoon – Street Jewelry – Sophisticated bling

Hoon, a brand out of Paris, was derived from a long-establish, and well respected French jeweler, Arthus-Bertrand. Hoon is branch of Arthus-Bertrand that is now making sleek and well refined jewelery for the urban sneakerhead. All their peices of jewlery come in sterling silver or gold. Other peices consist of gun chambers, turntables, and they also make stylish rings as well. The pendants above, the ghetto blaster and robot, are retailing for about $500 a piece. They are a little pricey but they are also an instant status symbol, get one here.


DGK pays homage to UGK

DGK pays homage to one of the greats UGK,RIP Pimp C. This white T with yellow and black lettering signifies what UGK are about. Its limited so get it now at Karmaloop


Air Questo with Gold Toe

Sneakhpye showed the first release of the Nike “Air Questo”, the third installment in the 1WORLD collection, last week. This week a new version of ?uestlove’s shoe was released. The new Air Questo features a bright gold toe that was completely red in the first release. Like the first Air Questo’s there are limited quantities of these shoes being released and they are only being sold at select locations, and probably cost somewhere around $250. Check out the rest of the 1WORLD collection here.

New Era Birmingham Flagship Store

New Era just opened there second flagship store in the UK in Birmingham. As far as the store goes it looks good, and I bet the hats are no different. The store resembles the ones of New York and London. Support New Era’s domination of the world now.


Dream Team 2008

The Olympics are little more then a week away and the U.S.A. is looking to avenge there embarrassing 3rd place finish in Athens. After demolishing Canada in a exhibition game 120-65 the team looks ready as ever. I watched some of the highlight reels of the FIBA Americas Championship last year I think this team will be better then the Dream Team of 92. Check out some highlights at YouTube.

Benny Gold Fall Collection Sneak Peak

Fall 08 is looking good already. Benny Gold just gave us a sneak peak of the upcoming collection. Take a look at the hats.

Kidrobot X Lacoste

Lacoste hooked up Kidrobot and came up with a really loud shoe shoe. These limited edition leather Lacoste shoes feature a colorful eye pattern outlining the upper sole. They also come with a limited edition “PEECOL” toy which Kidrobot also designs. To learn more about PEECOL toys go here, or to buy these shoes click here.

Gucci on mah wrist

I think the black one is the cleanest, but every now and again I want a little more pizazz in my ensemble, so the red would do the trick. The red one is 1500 bucks, and the black is 2K. I mean, sure, that’s expensive, but come on… it’s Gucci. Check out more Gucci stuff.

Nike Air Max 90 X KEvin Lyon

Nike teamed up with another well-known artist, Kevin Lyon, to work on the Nike Air Max 90 Currents. Lyon’s has already worked with Nike on two previous shoes and just as before, this collaboration was a success. The Currents consist of soft mesh that covers the shoe from the tow to the tounge, unlike the original Air Max’s. The shoe is set to release in August. Courtesy of sneakernews.


Sneakhype Wallpapers – The Original 2

So… there’s only 2 of them as of now, but I thought I would just keep you posted on new ones as they’re added. Just click here to see both of them, then click on the one you want, then click “all sizes” above the thumbnail, and then download your size. The largest sizes aren’t too big BUT you can just make your background white or black to fill in the excess space.

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Speed Painting – MLK Jr. Freedom

Local Lawrence, KS artist Jordan Tarrant is an old friend of Sneakhype. Obviously, the dude’s got mad talent, but this isn’t even the half of it. His site at nawkturnalart.com is currently down, but sneakhype will be sure to let you all know when it’s back up. Meanwhile, check out his youtube profile for a few more videos.


California has always been far ahead of the pack when it comes to fashion. This new shirt by UNDFTD, which is also a hugely popular California store among sneakerheads, truly embodies the Cali lifestyle. They will probably go fast but you can get one here at Sold Out.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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