Tinder Problems (27 Pics)

Oh yes, what better way to end your week than with some Tinder Problems?  Enjoy, and be safe out there.

Old Apple Computers Turned into Furniture Pieces

We’ve seen people turn old Apple computers into fish tanks, but this one is a first.  Klaus Geiger has converted old G5 Power Macs into a bench and a container.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they’re for sale anywhere.  If you can get your hands on a G5 Power Mac, then maybe you can attempt to make your own.  Read more about the upcycling project here.


2 Chainz Tests Out the World’s Most Expensive Toothbrush

2 Chainz is back with another episode of “Most Expensivest Shit.”  This time around he tests out the most expensive toothbrush in the world that can run the upwards of $4-5K.  The Reinast is a luxury toothbrush made out of premium titanium, and well, watch the video to see if you think it’s worth the pricetag.


Protect Your Kicks This Winter With Crep Water-Repellent Spray

Winter is one of the worst seasons for sneakerheads. Bad weather can easily destroy a pair of your favorite kicks. Make sure you keep your sneakers clean and dry with Crep Protect. This water-resistant spray can keep your kicks dry and stain-free no matter what they’re up against. Rain, sleet, hail or snow are no match for the hydrophobic spray. Check out the video above to see how well it works. Head over to the Crep Protect website to purchase your own bottle.

The Hottest Girl on the Internet (With Diagrammed Proof)

I’ve been doing this professionally for 6 years you guys.

Beach Paradise “Mar de Luz House” Located in Peru

When you live right on the beach, you want to make sure you accent your views.  That’s exactly what the architects at Oscar Gonzalez Moix did with this house in Paracas, Peru.  The first level of the home features a transparent them that allows you to take advantage of the views from every angle.  Mission well-accomplished guys.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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