This Is What Pixar’s “UP” Would Look Like If Michael Bay Directed It (Video)

Have you ever wondered what Pixar’s UP would look like if Michael Bay directed it? YouTuber MrStratman7 has. He created this awesome trailer that depicts the animated film as an action movie with massive amounts of explosions. Check it out above. 

26 motorboat motivation pics for Tuesday’s Tittaes

I think #MotorboatMotivation could become a thing.

New Face Mapping Technology ‘Omote’ will melt your face and brain

Artist, Producer, Technical Director, and apparent Badass, Nobumichi Asai worked with CGI experts to create Omote: a mind-blowing new facial mapping and projection system.  Omote maps your face and then projects graphics onto it.  The result yields limitless opportunities in technology.

Supreme Fall/Winter ’14 Accessories

As always, Supreme brings the heat with each collection when it comes to their random ass accessories.  This time around the standouts are the espresso cup, a brass zippo lighter, and a neoprene face mask.  Be sure to have your mouse ready to click the BUY button come August 28th.

Edible LEGOs are real and you can buy a 3 lb. bag for $17

Do you like LEGOs?  Do you also like sugary sweetness?  Well then amen hallelujah I’ve found you the Holy Grail of treats.  These edible LEGOs are a great way to get your fingers really messy while also eating unhealthily.


You’ve Never Seen Soccer Played Like This

This looks like the most fun I’ve seen in awhile.  Zorb Soccer, hottest new sport?  You be the judge.


OM/ONE is the World’s First Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Gotta have it.  Period.  This is the OM/ONE, and it’s the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker.  Best part is that they’re not nearly as expensive as you would expect.  Head over to pre-order yours for just $179.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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